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Posted by Stephane Dion

Cliczunelogo_2ClicZune offers the ideal opportunity to reach the fast growing Zune Digital Media Player community with your message about your products, company, or music. ClicZune is the leading "Zune related site" that delivers original commentary and analysis to its readers on a near-daily basis, along with hands-on product reviews and up to the minute Zune and Digital Media Player news. ClicZune grows more popular each day, and is one of the few places on the Web where advertisers can reach a large and highly-targeted number of Zune users, all of whom are likely potential purchasers of Zune-related peripherals and services.

ClicZune has also been mentioned on Gizmodo, Cnet,, to name a few.

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ClicZune is a member of the YulMedia blog network. Through the YulMedia blog network you can reach targeted consumer electronic users of many kinds. Portable Media player users, Mobile users and HD DVD and Blu-ray enthusiasts can be reached via the YulMedia blog network.

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For more information about advertising on ClicZune, contact us at info thesymbolat



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