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Become a ZuneMaster now!

Posted by Stephane Dion

ZunemastersscreenshotMicrosoft may be looking for you! Micosoft wants an army of preachers! If you like the Zune already, if you are between 18 to 22 years of age and are a college student…you may qualify for a “Zune ambassador” title. And they say it will be good for your resume!

"Zune players arrive in stores this November and we are looking for early adopters to help us spread the word. Zune college ambassadors are called The Zune Masters. Zune Masters help with on campus promotions, online promotions and feedback. If you qualify to be a Zune Master, you'll be one of only 200-300 people in the country ushering in the age of handheld, wireless media sharing. Our requirements are pretty simple: you must be motivated, professional, highly social, creative and passionate about music."

Your benefits will include a Zune player, insider info, access to special events and some cash for special projects. Hey, that is not so bad! You get a lot more than blogging about the Zune!

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