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Zune rumors: 60Gb and 80Gb Zune player

Posted by Stephane Dion

Orangezune_1Crunchgear posted this image of the Zune. This is probably one of the two colors that were made as gifts for Zune team members (see Zuneguy). They had a choice between a pink and an orange version of the Zune.

But Crunchgear says also they have information about a holiday release for those colors. They also had information about a new version of the Zune with a 60GB or 80Gb hard drive with a better battery and a better screen. The new version would be available shortly after Christmas. Let’s wait and see…



OG Money Staxxx

You know what would make zune even better? if they made them customizable to be really crazy colorways like bapes and nike shoes then they would coolm as hell.

Ryan Duba

That sounds pretty exciting.
But i think a great altho it may not be possible...
is to have the zune have a clear plastic shell, and have internal LED lights that you can change the color in the setings on the zune, that way you can pick the color of you zune, and that would be pretty cool dont you think?
and also have a "power save" feture.
and as far as the "better batteries"
how much different is better?
3...? 4 more hours?
or what?


Wow those are great ideas that might make more people buy Zunes I especially like OG Money Staxxx idea of customizible but the LED light sounds pretty tight also but it might start hurting your eyes when you use your zune


OMFG!!!!!!!!I can't wait for more new stuff from microsoft!!!!I love the ZUNE SSSSSOOOOO much and im running out of space so i need 80 GB!!!!!!!I relly hope that they put games and a clock on the new zune too!!This is just the start for zune,the crappy ipod will be killed one day by the ZUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


nice could u email me for more info

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