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3 Plays/3 Days Questioned by Microsoft

Posted by Stephane Dion

BrianleemicrosoftzuneMicrosoft heard your complaints about the limitations of the Zune sharing. The three days or three plays, whichever comes first, associated to the Zune sharing as been highly criticize since Microsoft announced the Zune last year. What brought even more frustration among Zune users is that restriction is present regardless of whether the song is copyrighted or not.

But in an interview with Cron, Bryan Lee, corporate vice-president for Microsoft’s entertainment business, said a meeting is coming up soon between executives of the music industry and at Microsoft, those restrictions will be up for review.

"We went to them when we started up with the Zune and said, 'We can do this to you, or we can do this with you. We want to do it with you,'" Lee said.

The meeting was supposed to take place "some time after the holidays," he said.
"We're looking for the sweet spot" between content restrictions and consumer convenience, Lee said.

Lee said Microsoft is aware of the criticism leveled at the Zune, much of which has centered around its Digital Rights Management scheme and the fact that its Wi-Fi feature can only talk to other Zunes.

He said many of the compromises made with the Zune's features, such as that the 3 day/3 play limits are even placed on non-copyrighted songs, are the result of trying to keep the product simple.



DRM does really mean "Digital Restrictions Management," not "Rights." Thoss limitations are just stupid: if I *buy* a song, shouldn't I be allowed to do whatever I want with it?

I guess I will stick to ordinary mp3 players that don't "squirt" but are not crippled with DRM...

Matt Brennan

I got a 4GB Zune mp3player.I can't get music from cd-rs onto them.How do i modify it?


ipod has worse restrictions, but I feel the exact same way. If I buy the song I want to do what I want with it. Its like buying a print of painting and being told you can only hang it in the bathroom. If I wanna make a paper hat out of my painting its MY choice!

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