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Pink Zune on May 1st! Confirmed!

Posted by Stephane Dion

Pinkzune_2You heard it! We just confirmed the news with According to the customer support, the new version of the Zune player is going to be available on May 1st at $249.99.

The same player, same 30Gb capacity. Hopefully with firmware 1.3!

I would not want to be the one who paid $960 on ebay to get a pink Zune.

The pink seems lighter than the limited edition pink Zune.




Hey I wiil do anything for this pink zune!!!!

Michael Fett

Like it but the Hot Pink Version looked better. Do you think there will be an Orange?


I want a pink one!!!!! I have a black one but now I'm in love with this!!! aaaaa ..heeeelp me PIIIINK!!!!!!


This looks amazing, I can't wait any longer!

Felicia Austin

I cannot wait until the light pink zune comes out! Im glad that zune is coming out with some nice vibrant colors, compared to the plain neutrals that everyone has!


Ohhh Emmm Geee!!! I Really want a pink zune!!! It is sooooooo BEAUTIFL!! I LOVE IT!!! I soooo cannot wait till it comes out!!



Actually, the Pink Zune is available now at places like Amazon!


For all those pinkanistas that can't wait-you can buy the new PINK Zune on Dell's website!! There's one'll have to pay about $25 more! How much do you love the PINK???


I already have a MP3/iPod.I'm not really interested in this now. I would be if I didn't get one yet.

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