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Zune Screens are Still Cracking!

Posted by Stephane Dion


There were reports a few weeks ago about Zune screens that were cracking for no reason. Some people thought that overheating problems coming from the battery could eventually cause the screen to crack.

But new information is showing that the screens can implode without a major hit.

One of our readers, Matthew, sent us pictures and a video of his Zune screen cracked. The cracks on Matthew’s Zune screen are on the LCD but the screen protector does not have a single scratch. The case is not damaged at all either.

Want to see by yourself? Have a look at the video. When the Zune is turned off, you can’t see the cracks and when the screen is turned on, the cracks appear with the backlight of the screen. Look also at the pictures: turned off and turned on.

Another Cliczune reader said that Microsoft did replace the screen when he sent back the Zune to Microsoft but a week later the screen cracked again...

This reader says they heard a popping noise coming from inside the Zune just before the screen cracked.

What causes the screen to crack? I’m clueless. Maybe there are tensions between the case, the screen and the components? A real overheating problem coming for other components than the battery? The screen protector could also be too soft and the screen would be damaged with little bit of pressure on it. If Toshiba used the same material as they did with a smaller screen, the thickness of the screen protector may not be enough for a 3.5” screen. The Zune’s lcd display may just be too fragile.

Anyone else got pictures of their Zune screen cracked?

Thanks Matthews for sharing this with us.





well, i dont mean to sound like a tard, but it kind of looks like just a picture of a crack...ya know


Dude that is a impact crack can even see the impact area . Give me a break(literally)


i dont know but it just does. it even sounds like hes pressing the button when he does it..ahh


I have to agree this looks like nothing more than a picture of a crack...but then again who knows..


i think it does not crack by itself on the looks of the crack it is like something hit it.. well??


All he has done is loaded a picture of crack onto the zune then woke it up, then looped back to the start you can see the screen jump very crap editing skills, hoe could someone blog this crap!


If this was an impact crack, there would be signs when it wasn't turned on. An impact would not only have cracked the screen, but would have separated and dislocated the individual pieces of the glass, showing the crack when it's off. There would also be at least slight marring at the impact sight. As there is no visible damage when not powered, the crack had to have occurred by internal expansion or contraction.

I don't know what caused this, but whatever it was certainly wasn't an impact.


My son has the same problem with his ZUNE. We had purchased the Zune for Christmas and within a week it displayed a crack when turned on. Luckily Wal-Mart replaced it because it was within the 15 Days. Our mistake was to have it replaced and not get our money back and buy an IPOD. We now have the same problem again 2 months later and Microsoft is not backing up their warranty. They tell me they specifically do not warranty the cracked screen. Those of you that have not had this problem yet are lucky but I am sure your time will come. Then you would have wished you wouldn't have been so negative to the individuals having this problem. The best thing anyone can do right now is not to buy a ZUNE but if you already have try to get your money back. They are wonderful MP3 players when they are working hopefully yours in not defected.


I have one that did the very same thing.
Still plays-no dents or scratches from impact. small spider crack when turned on.
first talked to them with no help maybe this will change things!!


The zune does not shut off nearly as quickley as his supposidly does. I say hoax...For any of you that have a zune, press the play button the same time you hear him press his, you will see that his screen turns off long before yours actually does...

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