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New Zune Features Announced on May 1st?

Posted by Stephane Dion


We know that May 1st was the targeted date for the Pink Zune. For some unknown reason, the date was preceded by two weeks. We also learn from Jason Reindorp that a new marketing campaign was going to be launch in May and a watermelon red Zune should be expected a few weeks after the launch of the light-pink Zune.

David Caulton ( said that new features should be expected during spring 2007 and that podcasts are a top priority.

What we didn't know is that Christina Calio, Director of Music Marketing for Zune, is going to make an important speech at the Digital NARM on May 1st at 5pm. Digital NARM is a two-day event to be held as part of InSights & Sounds.07 in Chicago on May 1st and 2nd. What is even more important is that her speech's title says: "Attendees will hear exciting updates on developments in Microsoft's new innovative device."

Exciting? What could be considered exciting? Podcast support? New content on the Zune Marketplace? Videos and Movies? Microsoft points rewards for sharing?

The event is dedicated to exploring the convergence of physical and digital entertainment retailing. Whatever will be announced at Digital Narm will be some how related to the content available on the Zune.

Let the Zune rumor machine go wild!


Bob S.

Christina Calio, Zune
Presenter, Closing Presentation: Hot New Stuff
Tuesday, May 1, 5 - 5:30 PM

Christina Calio is the Director of Music Marketing for Zune, Microsoft’s new music and entertainment project. She is responsible for driving label and music industry partner relationships and the promotion of music for Zune. In addition, she leads the team that identifies and programs compelling music on Zune Marketplace,, and in Zune advertising, marketing campaigns and events. Her team is also committed to developing new artists through a quarterly artist development program. Calio has been part of driving the Microsoft music strategy since joining the company in 1999. Most recently she was Director of Business Development for Entertainment and Devices, with an emphasis on working with the major and independent record labels. Prior to that, she was at MSN Music, during which time she helped to sign more than 3,000 indie labels to MSN, equaling more than 2 million tracks. Previously, Calio also served as Business Development Manager for Windows Digital Media division, where she managed relationships with major record labels and worked to combine Windows technologies with digital music formats to develop a worldwide media-rich marketplace. Calio’s music industry experience runs deep, including more than a decade of first-hand marketing experience at Geffen Records in Los Angeles.


Interesting.. the fun thing is at the moment, the iPod, Zune and Zen are for the greater part equal. None of these have (apart from proper Podcast support) great features that lack on others. Considering this you're gonna have two possible scenarios. Either Microsoft is gonna present a revolutionary device, featuring maybe a touchscreen or whatever. The other possibility is that the new Zune is not going to be that interesting, maybe a little sw-upgrade, but nothing stunning. Lets hope for the first one :)

Keith L.

I really love my Zune, but feel pretty let down by Microsoft about some of the perceived promises of extensions and upgrades to the devices.

Top on my list
- Podcasting
- Other format support (Wav, Audible, etc)
- Removal of all of the Heavy DRM
- Support for other video formats without conversion

Hope that they will choose to renew my faith


One word: brilliant.

Forever, the business model of Microsoft has been the top-down approach. They tell the consumer world how it should and will be. It seems that Microsoft, for the most part, is using this model in it's Zune market. Since they use this strategy, they attract much criticism for it's products. As Microsoft releases more and more variants of the Zune, it will grow to dominate the market.


Just wanna say that the colors are a great idea and podcasts must be in if microsoft want to get the hardcore geeks.


Yesterday Microsoft presented Silverlight "a cross-browser, cross-platform plug-in for delivering the next generation of media experiences and rich interactive applications (RIAs) for the Web".
What about a porting to the Zune platform? With wi-fi it would be a killing feature - bring the RIA web to the Zune!


Amidst the MP3 Explosion, I am sure Microsoft will Go Beyond as well as dissapoint one all in one Swoop!

josh bomb

i'm really looking forward to a *REAL* equalizer in one of the upcoming firmware releases.


I'll wager no significant updates at all.

This is a minor event with a relatively minor exec. New (device and "hot new stuff") refers to the Zune... as in relatively "new." Update refers to: we'll tell you how things are going. Someone poorly phrased the description leading to Zuneys getting into a tizzy. Zuneys need to get better at generating/interpreting rumors if they're going to jump on everything.

I also think it's funny that people keep talking abou the ads as if they are coming in May. As if it will be bigger than it already is now. They began over a month ago. I saw more Zune commercials, and they are new ones, in the last three weeks than I did for the entire months of November through February.

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