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Watermelon-Red Zune is Coming Soon

Posted by Stephane Dion


Cnet revealed that Microsoft will release a “watermelon-red” Zune a few weeks after the introduction of the baby-pink Zune on May 1st.

We confirmed the information with CNet’s senior editor, Ina Fried, who says she has the information directly from Microsoft.

With the watermelon-red Zune released, the device will now exist in 8 different colors. Originally released to the public in white, black and brown, the Zune will now be available in baby-pink and watermelon-red colors. But besides those five colors, the Zune has also been made in three limited edition versions. Those Zunes were made in pink, orange, and red.

Those new vibrant colors are very cool and I’m sure they will attract many people, especially with the nice season coming in.

Here's a pic from Gizmodo



Travis O

I didnt see any red zunes at the link...

Im wondering if its wise for them to do the watermelon color...I like it, dont get me wrong...a little girlish for my personal tastes, but still, even though it says red, it is still pretty pink, and I think its kind of appealing to the same crowd that would have bought the watermelon zune in the first place...just my thoughts...maybe this will be the color that really gets things going.


Cherry blossom red anyone?


The Zune pink photos are being questioned here...

I think those are fake shots since the real baby pink zunes are lighter in color


I bought a white Zune....the Cherry Blossom is hot though! I'll be buying a case for mine for safety reasons so color wasn't that important. Price was. Now I can afford all the great accessories!
Now all I have to do is find a "REALLY" cool case - something with bling! Any ideas gang??


There are now rumors that the Red Zune will come with "Sports Related Content" as well as Games and podcasts.

Check it out!


Hello, I've been wondering, what is the zune in the first picture? Is that the cherry blossom one? Why does it have something on the back of it, because the other colors don't...




This was a very limited edition of the Zune that appeared in Los Angeles in October of last year. Check it out here:


since microsoft is comming out with orange and a red zune. shouldent yall make the colors of the rainbow.


Well, I know what I'm going to do. I'll simply lurk behind the shelves one day and open up every Zune 30 case until I find myself an orange one.

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