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Limited Edition "Halo 3 - Zune"

Posted by Stephane Dion


At a Halo 3 preview event in NYC, Microsoft announced a limited edition "Halo 3 – Zune" due out in mid-June. Look sweet! Isn't it?

Pretty soon we will have a hard time keeping track of all the limited editions of the Zune released by Microsoft in a year. It seems to be an important marketing strategy for the Zune. We do like it though!


Just after releasing the three initial colors in November of last year, Microsoft released 100 pink Zunes and 100 orange Zunes. The buzz created by those limited editions of the Zune gave them some ideas (a pink Zune was sold more than $900 on ebay!!!). Last month a light pink Zune (100 000 units) was released and a limited edition Adult Swim Zune was also released a few weeks ago.

We are still waiting for a watermelon red Zune and now there's the Halo 3 – Zune!

More pictures after the break!




source: gizmodo



Wow, I'd really love this... too bad I'm not rich. I can't afford a new Player every two weeks (like Apple expects for people to buy). But dang, I'd love this.


looks like a pretty sick zune... if i had the money to throw around i would seriously pick one up... this one or find a way to pick up the adultswim ver.


I love my Halo 3 Zune!

i liked the one that thers only 500 of

id rather have the adult swim zune that thers only 500 of but i already have a black one


Is this still out if so please send me an email thanks.


how much are they??????


can i have yours???

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