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Zune Tattoo? Why Not!

Posted by Stephane Dion


I don't know what to add. The image says it all. I hope the Zune logo won't change with the release of the Flash Zune and second generation Zune!

Here's what the man had to say about it:

"Yeah this is my first tattoo and whats a better first tattoo that I could have got? I am still smiling over it. The gradient effect was what made it take so long and the yellow orange color at the bottom, so the temp tattoo to trace the real tattoo on started to disappear"





I think it looks awesome. There are a lot of other tattoos out there that are uglier and more stupid. I like it.


yeah, i like it. it's a good little symbol on its own, regardless of whether you know its meaning/connection.

Steven Smith

Hi I am the proud owner of the zune tattoo. Eventhough it looks like I regreted it in the picture I didn't. I was trying to give a silly face of pain or that I had been in pain, being thats its a tattoo. Also to let you know I will be getting a second Zune themed tattoo on my other arm.


Nice tattoo. Hopefully Microsoft will give you money for ad space =P

Sarah Butler

Steven Smith you are a complete idiot!
Why would you tattoo a company's logo on yourself. I guess you really like the zune huh. Maybe you should get an i pod on your butt or something.
P.S. your room reflects how nerdy you are.


Kpatel I guess you are an idiot. It's not his room, the room where the tattoo was made you dumbass.

amature inker

nice tattoo man, the tattoo it'self is great, zune....not so good lol. dont listen to haters, they're idiots. and ya thats a tattoo parlor, hench the autoclave on the table, jeez...your comment reflexs on how stupid you are

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