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Official: Zune 80GB, Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB to be Released Next November

Posted by Stephane Dion


Engadget has official information on the new Zune players. The new 80GB hard drive based Zune is called the “Zune 80GB”  and dimensions are 61.1x108.2x12.9 mm (1/3rd smaller than the Zune 30GB). The New Flash Zune players are named Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB and they have an 1.8 inch screen (a bit smaller than the iPod nano's 2 inch screen). The Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB dimensions are 41.4x91.5x8.5mm.

Zune 80GB, Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB will ship in November, but no official date has been confirmed yet. As expected, Zune 30GB owners will get all th of the Zune 80GB software benefits. The new Zune firmware also supports native h.264 and MPEG-4!

DRM? The 3 day restriction is gone but the 3 time limit will still be there.

Other features announced earlier have also been confirmed by Engadget.

Here's the list of the new Zune accessories coming with the Zune 80GB, Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB upcoming release:

  • Zune Home AV Pack ($99.99) - "Home Dock with three faceplates to accommodate each Zune device, wireless remote, AC adaptor and composite AV output cable."
  • Zune Dock Pack ($49.99) - "Home Dock with three faceplates to accommodate each Zune device and AC adapter."
  • Zune Car Pack ($79.99) - "Redesigned FM transmitter/charger and dashboard grip pad."
  • Zune Cable Pack ($39.99) - "Sync cable, composite AV output cable and audio cable."
  • Zune Premium Headphones ($39.99)
  • Zune Leather Case ($49.99)
  • Zune Sync Cable ($19.99)
  • Zune AC Adapter ($29.99)

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what can the zune do that makes it better than all the other MP3's?

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