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Zune Marketplace Gets Expanded Music Genre Categorization

Posted by Stephane Dion

Zune_marketplace I was reading the new Zune marketplace press release this morning, and found something that, to me, sounds like is a major improvement. If you’re a Zune Pass subscriber just like me, you probably noticed that the music genres and subgenres are extremely limited in the Zune marketplace. The categorization is so limited that surfing by genre is barely usable. But I guess the Zune team figure that out and the good news is, I mean the "excellent" news is,  that Zune has expanded its music genres selections from nine to 17, including additional relevant subgenres, so you can easily search by category.

That might sound like a small detail for some of you, but it will help a lot when it’s time to surf the marketplace for new bands, create powerful playlists or just to surf your Zune music library. The whole Zune experience will seriously be improved with this small detail. And with the Zune 80 just around the corner, we definitely need an adequate music genre structure. Thanks to the Zune Team!


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