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Microsoft Releasing Limited Edition Zune 2 in Gold

Posted by Jason Bayer


The folks over at Gizmodo have reported that Microsoft has teamed up with the company Goods to sell 10, each in 80GB and 8GB(20 in total), of the gold colored Zunes. This was in part due to a big hip-hop Launch Party that Microsoft and Zune sponsored for the "Goods" brand. They will be available next Saturday, but here's the kicker, only in Seattle. So if your that desperate to get a gold Zune, then nows the time to pack up your clothes, get on a plane and go wait in the line for that gold zune(Only if your that desperate though). So far, there has been no announced priced of these particular Zunes, or if there are any other added features, most likely not. If you want to see more pics of the Zunes, Click Here.


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