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Zunephone- It isn't happening, from the Big man Himself

Posted by Sam Zebian


Bill Gates was quoted as saying

"No, we won't do that. In the so-called smart phone business we will concentrate solely on software with our Windows Mobile program," Gates was quoted as saying in the interview published on Wednesday. "We have partnerships with a lot of device manufacturers from Samsung to Motorola and this variety brings us significantly more than if we would make our own mobile phone,"

So unfortunately, it's not coming. Unless they are just keeping it secret and don't want to tell us, so they make up this. Or maybe those pictures of Windows Mobile 7 will really have the Zune UI in it, but they will only include it more as a mobile phone media player application, similar to Windows Media mobile.

I'm actually happy with using a windows mobile phone and my Zune separately, because they both have their own benefits, and some of those benefits wouldn't exist if they were both the same device. (like having 2 batteries is better than 1) If you want something like the iPhone but you also want a Zune, I think it's better to just get a small Windows mobile phone and a Zune, it's better in some ways.




Maybe you should urge Bill Gates to do this invention of a Zune phone.


Notice that Bill Gates clearly said "No Zune Phone". He did now however say that there will not be a Zune device with Windows Mobile phone capabilities. Conspiracy? I think not! Loophole.


I meant to say "He did NOT however . . . "


lmfao, bill gates is such a twat.
he steals the idea off apple with computer.
then steals the ipod idea, zune?

sorry but 3/4 of the world has a ipod.

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