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Joy Division limited edition Zune still available

Posted by Robert Nelson


While the latest limited edition Zune to become available officially went on sale a few days back on June 17, it seems there are still some available. As we previously mentioned the edition will be limited to a run of 500, each being individually numbered and also coming pre-loaded with the Joy Division Documentary movie.

I honestly did not think it would take all that long to sell out, and am a little surprised to see it still available today. However after some though my concern is that depending on when you began listening to music, and for those who are younger, you may not be all that familiar with just who the Joy Division is.

However, with that said, even as a Joy Division fan, I still find the $399 price tag a little high for my taste, but that black back sure does look sweet with the JD graphic included. While they seem to be going slow, they are only available until they sell 500, so if you are interested you may not want to wait much longer, as far as we know they could already be up to number 499.

Also, in an effort (I would imagine) to cut down on people from buying multiple units to create a demand and then resell them "you are only allowed 1 Joy Division Zune per order"    

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Stephen Boots

I bought it, but only after giving it some really serious consideration. $399 is quite high. I don't know if the limited edition status and the documentary make it worth the premium over the base price. Being an old guy, and long time fan of Joy Division, New Order, and the like, I was excited about the announcement as I had not gotten an 80g 2nd gen Zune (I have 2 30g units), but that price really made me have to think twice about placing the order!

Robert Nelson


I am glad to hear that it was worth the money. Thanks for the follow up!

I should have added in the post that part of my reasoning for not being able to justify the cost is that I recently upgraded to a Zune 80.

Also similar to you I would also fit into the "old guy, and long time fan of Joy Division, New Order, and the like" category, although did I come in a little late, as it was already New Order when I began listening.


I just got my Joy Division Zune today. It comes in a HUGE box, that weighs 6 lbs. $399 is way too much, and I actually called to return it. I thought that more would be included quite honestly. A DVD of the documentary would be nice so that I can watch it on more than a 320x240 resolution. It does come with a nice carrying case, but for $190 premium (including tax and shipping) its hard to justify. My guess is there are still MANY many JD zunes left. I would return it for a loss as of now, but zuneoriginals doesn't accept returns. email me if anyone is interested. I'll give you a good price!


Zunes shall RULE!


I have been 'offline' for a few weeks and just learned about the JD Zune on

Ordered the JD Zune on Monday night and since the system took the order I would hope that there is still atleast one. As a long time fan of both JD, NO and Peter Saville I am very excited about this device!! Can't wait to receive it. I'd like to thank whomever at Microsoft came up with this idea...maybe SteveBalmer is a big JD fan!!

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