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PDASmart now offering Lens Assembly replacements for the Zune

Posted by Robert Nelson

Zune_80_lens_replacement Have a Zune 80 that has more than its fair share of scratches on the display? Well worry no longer because PDASmart now has the plastic lens assembly available. The Lens Assembly for the Zune 80 is not as low-cost as one would hope, it retails for $50.00 if you want to do the work yourself of for an extra $15 you can send it in and have them do it for you. However, I suppose it is still a lot more affordable than having to buy a new Zune and much better than having to look at scratches everyday.

While PDASmart already offers LCD replacement assemblies for the 30GB, 80GB and flash-based 4GB and 8GB Zune, the Zune 80 remains the only player with a plastic lens cover replacement available.

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Isn't the 80gig zune screen made of glass, i.e., scratch proof or really scratch resistant...Mine hasn't gotten a scratch on it yet, my first gen 30gig has but not the new one, what are people doing to get scratches on glass anyway???


Is there a replacement lens available for the Zune 8gb. Mine drop and cracked the outer lens.


$50.00 is a monstrous ripoff. The company will not sell many at that ridiculous price. You can't tell me that the glass covering the screen is worth 20% of the entire cost of a Zune. Get real.

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