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Cliczune Archives: July 2008

Zuneboards sold for $62 000!

Zune_forum Zuneboards, one of the most popular Zune forums was recently listed on the, an auction site for everything web related. Zuneboards was rapidly sold for $62k, $2k over the "buy it now" price. According to the Sitepoint listing, the new owner is the sitepoint user"gisingh", but that hasn't been confirmed by Zuneboards.

With monthly revenues of approximately $1500, it means that the site was sold for 41 times the monthly revenues. I'm sure this is well over Lpxxfaintxx expectations with this sale, and seems to be overpriced. Zuneboards founder said he was selling the site to give his parents and himself some financial support.

Zuneboards had an impressive growth over the last year. Many Zune fans moved from Zunescene to Zuneboards because of the more dynamic and positive attitude of its members and moderators.

Congratulation for your achievement Lpxxfaintxx and good luck to the new owner!

Zune Hack: Upgrade your Zune 80 to a Zune 120


Not enough space on your Zune 80? Don’t worry, for $150 you can now upgrade you Zune 80 to a Zune 120 by replacing the original HDD by a Toshiba MK1231GAL 1.8” 120Gb 5mm HDD. This Zune hack as been performed by a Chinese based company called Luna Commerce. The company says it will replace any HDD with bad sectors.

Of course, buy at your own risk and remember that attempting to install a HDD in you Zune 80 will instantly void your warranty. Who will first try to perform this Zune hack?  Any volunteer?

Speaking of Zune 120. Do you think the next Zune device will be a Zune 120, Zune 160 or even a Zune 250?

More pictures after the jump...

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