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Zune 120 gets unofficial $249 pricing

Posted by Robert Nelson


UPDATE: Here are the latest news related to the Zune 120:

This latest bit of information comes, assuming we can believe this latest listing (screenshot above) on the B&H Photo website, and has the upcoming 120GB Zune being priced at an affordable $249.95.

Currently the Zune 120 is being listed just in black. So far we have seen the FCC approval with further conformation coming from Cesar Menendez. The pricing seems to be legitimate, of course this has not been confirmed, so lets not get disappointed if it changes. Of course, at least at the time of this screenshot, B&H seems to be taking orders, however they are not listing any availability date.

In addition, just to add further speculation of a quick launch for the Zune 120, another tip which comes courtesy of a "Wal-Mart worker" is claiming that they (Wal-Mart) have discontinued the Zune 4 and Zune 80. According to the worker, both models are being listed as NRPL, which is better known as non-replenishable. Of course, and again this has not been officially confirmed however it does fit in with the recent Zune 120 and Zune 16 findings.

All in all it looks like we may have some new options when it comes to the Zune in the not to distant future.



Does that say blue? woo hoo finally a blue Zune looking forward to that may have to buy another Zune now just so i can get my favourite colour blue!!

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