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Zune Bug; A Zune compatible MP3 playing nightlight

Posted by Robert Nelson


Ashley Payne has unveiled a concept nightlight, which normally I would not be getting very excited about, but in this case it offers compatibility with the Microsoft Zune, which in my opinion makes it very cool. Simply being called the Zune Bug, the nightlight looks like a fancy plug-in air freshener, but is really much cooler.

Just plug the little device in and it will automatically play the audio content from your Zune over your home networks connection. It even has the ability to change color based on the tempo of the music, which may possibly make it hard to sleep depending on your playlist of choice...better choice wisely.

Sadly the Zune Bug is just a concept at this point, and as much as I think it makes total sense and would probably purchase one, these items often never see the light of day and never make it to market. Of course if it were to come to market the big question would most likely come down to just how much it will retail for.

[yanko design via DVICE]



man I wish the Zune Bug was for sell

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