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New Zune 30GB Car Charger Available

Posted by Nino Marchetti


There's a new Zune car charger out among the growing horde of Zune accessories. It is from Inspiretech and it is called the Zune 30GB Car Charger.

This car charger, as the name implies, is geared for working with the Zune 30GB. That being said, Inspiretech says it will work will all Zune players. It is designed to prevent over or under charging "has a built-in red LED light to notify you" of the Zune's charging status.

The Inspiretech Zune 30GB Car Charger costs around $8 and works with all standard power outlets in North America.



got me one around 1 year ago.. it charges really really quick.. and pricing cannot be beat..


Yeah it's a very good and quick charger.


Did nobody notice that the picture is of an 80gb yet it says 30 gb? hmmm


Thanks for the information very useful ...

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