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Zune Pass users can now keep 10 Marketplace tracks every month

Posted by Robert Nelson


Beginning today, Zune Pass users will have another great reason to enjoy the service. They will now get to keep (forever!) 10 tracks every month from the Marketplace. Not a bad deal, this would be like getting around $10 worth of free music each month, all for the same $14.99. Sounds like a great deal for any current subscriber, and also a great tipping point for those that were still considering signing up for a Zune Pass.

An important item to point out is that these 10 tracks cannot be rolled over month-to-month, meaning you need to download your 10 tracks every month or you will miss out that month.

So where to begin, with so many tracks to choose from its going to be hard to make up my mind. Well, it seems that the Zune Team has thought of that, and to help make up your mind they have added a new collection called “perfect 10s,” which are "10 must-have tracks in each of the most popular genres." In addition they will also offer “fresh picks," which are "ten tracks from the best new releases each week."

[Zune Insider]



I only have one question that I can't seem to get answered. Say I choose 10 tracks for Nov. Do I get an additional 10 tracks in December or is it just 10 tracks total for the life of my Zune Pass?


It's 10 tracks per month, but there is no roll-over. That means that you have to select your 10 tracks before month end, otherwise you lose them.

10 is great, but it's just a few tracks under a full CD....bummer

I wonder if all tracks are eligible? I know a few artists are not available to Zune pass subscribers, and I hope they haven't done the same thing with this.

Great news! It's like paying $1.49 per track while keeping access to 4 million tracks!

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