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Zune Christmas Miracle?

Posted by Jonas D

With the Christmas sales still being tallied, it will be a time before we know how well this year's Zune sold.  While many of us are still rooting for the Zune, there are some factors working against it including less interest in pure players, Apple's continued dominance of this segment, and overall slowing of the economy.  On the flip side though, let's not forget that the Zune lineup, particularly it's flash offerings continue to offer good value, and overall the Zunes were the strongest players put out by Microsoft yet.

One hint that the Zune may have a had a strong showing comes from Google.  You see, all those Google searches get tabulated and analyzed.  It turns out that this past Christmas morn, search terms with the word Zune in them, including and had an unusual spike, and even broke into the top 20 search terms, which apparently they are regularly not even in the top 100.

So, does this mean the Zune sold well, or just that lots of folks had trouble setting it up and sought assistance online?  Too early to say, but intriguing nonetheless!  I'm hoping the final sales numbers are as good as these search results might suggest...



From my personal experience a lot of people use google's search bar as an address bar and enter the web address in there and since new Zunes you have to go online to get the software i think this is a good sign. Stores up here in Canada look like some sold failry weel so hope we see good sales for the Zune and hopefully they will continue to compete with the iPod.


I'd like to see the Zune's popularity increase. The Zune is a much better media device in my opinion. Not to mention you get many more features than an equally priced iPod. Apple these days reminds me of Nike, their products aren't exactly better it's all about name recognition.


Is Zune Marketplace available in Canada yet (Jan 4/09) ? Bought a Zune for Christmas and can't access Marketplace.


Does anyone here know where to locate ZUNE vs iPOD sales from this past Holiday 2008 season? Does anyone have a good gauge of the sales disparity? who placed 3rd in the race? Thanks!

Big Man

I would like to see the Zune get better even though I am an Ipod user. I got my Ipod Touch free with my Mac but just like with anything in this world it has its flaws. If the Zune got better not only would the price for both items drop but the technology of both companies would skyrocket in record time.

With the Zune and other competitors coming out, Apple knew it had to do something that would make it stand out from the rest so it came out with the Iphone with has been getting better and better.

So as a consumer I would love to see Zune get better to light a fire under Apple's rear in order to get new technology out and the price dropped due to good competition. With the economy down, now is the time with labor and prices at a low.

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