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Zune pass subscribers: Last day to grab your 10 free tracks

Posted by Stephane Dion


If you haven’t done so already, don’t forget to use the 10 track credits you have from your monthly subscription. If you don’t use the credits before midnight tonight, you lose them.

I personally bought “Pink Floyd - Wish you we’re here” (5 tracks) and “Pink Floyd – Meddle” (5 of the 6 tracks). One of the best way to optimize the use of your free tracks is to find albums with a low number of tracks. This way, you can get even more than one album with your 10 track credits. Classical or jazz albums can be good choices as well. As an heritage of the vinyl LP, older music also tend to have a lower number of tracks.

What were your monthly picks? Please share your music suggestions in the comments, I will have 10 new credits to use tomorrow morning!



Uh no. The monthly cycle is based on your subscription date not the calendar month. If your subscription renews each month on the 15th, then you have until the 15th to get your 10 songs.

Chelsea Von Sass

Is the zune pass in canada yet?


I love the Zune. But i would Like to know i can i play some games it? Is it on the new zunes or the old one?

J Buenavista

@Chelsea Von Sass:

No, the Zune pass is NOT available in Canada yet as the Zune Marketplace is unavailable to Canadian right now. (Or maybe ever?)

But there is a way around that:

Before installing the Zune software, I set my regional settings in the Windows control panel to have my locaction as 'United States' instead of the expected 'Canada'. This will enable the Zune marketplace in the Zune software. (More on that later) On the website, I also changed my location from Canada to the states, via the region link at the bottom. (You can tell the difference: once properly set, the URL should be something like, instead of like it was) Once I was "from the States" as far as the Zune was concerned, I downloaded the US version of the software, and when creating my profile, I put an address for a buddy of mine south of the 49th parallel as my address (with his permission of course), purchase the Zune Pass with a Visa gift card (One from the US is needed, obviously because a Canadian one will register as such, and will not be accepted), and SHAZAM you have the Zune Marketplace AND a Zune Pass, both from within Canada! Kind of a roundabout way, but for me it works, at least for now.


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