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Zune, Built Solid State

Posted by Jonas D

Toshibas-128gb-solid-state-drive_5638 For years now, the cheaper and smaller capacity music player were flash based.  For those with large music collections, it was hard drive territory.  What else was gonna hold all those songs?  The downside was that if you dropped a hard drive player, than all bets were off, and you just might get to cash in on the long term Best Buy warranty that you paid too much for.  I will admit that I do have concerns bringing my Zune 80 out on cold days, and don't like to leave it in the car when the temp is below the freezing mark, although this is hardly evidence based.

Soon though, you just might be able to have your cake and eat it too.  A recent analysis envisions that solid state drive will replace the mechanical hard drives in our music players in the near future.  They are envisioning 100% growth over the next three years in this segment.  Not even Starbuck's can boast that kind of rocketing growth rate these days!  They're talking a 5 billion dollar industry in a few short years, assuming the wheels stay on this economy, of course.  Apparently, much of that growth will be in the 1.8" hard drive segment, which is what the Zune sports.

With SSD capacities already large enough, it's just a matter of time and price before the venerable hard drive gets shelved out of this market segment.  I look forward to dropping my Zune then, and it surviving to tell the tale.



I have to say, I've put my 30 through hell and that thing is built like a tank. I've dropped it numerous times, even a couple on bare concrete in the last two years and all I have to show for it is a slight crack in the corner of the casing that only happened a couple months ago. Oh, and Apple can suck it.

Fjord Prefect

"I have to say, I've put my 30 through hell and that thing is built like a tank."

A fish tank, maybe. I just left my local Target store where all three Zunes on display had broken buttons and/or track pads. It looked as though someone was simply pressing too hard and the controls broke right through the case exposing the players' innards inside. I took a picture with my iPhone, check it out.

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