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Zune Marketplace icon makes appearance on Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshot

Posted by Robert Nelson

Well, it may not be a Zune phone, however these latest screenshots are something that seem to be exciting. They are from the upcoming release of Windows Mobile 6.5 and clearly show off an icon for the Marketplace.

Keep in mind, that while these screenshots do appear to be authentic, they are reported to have come from the leaked HTC Touch HD ROM, they have not been officially released, nor have they been confirmed by Microsoft. They do however fit in with the previous rumors and speculation on this subject. Hopefully we will get some more news during Mobile World Congress which is coming up very soon.

Personally, I have sworn off Windows Mobile based phones a long time ago, and despite being a big Zune fan I am not all that interested in the rumored Zune phone, however bringing the Zune Marketplace to my phone would at least make me re-consider a Windows Mobile phone in the future.

Finally, and perhaps most important, lets hope that this "Marketplace" icon is actually a real app and not just a link to the existing Marketplace.

[GadgetMix via Engadget Mobile]



"Sworn of Windows Mobile"?

C'mon, maybe you had a bad experience because of an older Winmo phone, but why should you make sure you don't buy something because of a previous experience, have you seen the concept screen shots of Windows Mobile 7???

It looks awesome, and I will get it if it's as awesome as it seems. I had a Winmo phone that wasn't that great either (ATT tilt), but I'm not going to promise myself not to get one. That would be like saying your never going to buy a pair of Nike's because one pair you had fell apart on you. You know that the product is pretty solid, and the company is good too, but because of one experience you'll never buy one again.

On another note, I'm really happy their adding Zune to a phone, I hope they make their own hardware for phones too, that would be so awesome.

Vlasta W

I wouldn't be this excited. Its just "Marketplace" not "Zune Marketplace" and even the icon is generic. I would bet, that it has nothing to do with Zune marketplace, but refers to Microsoft being in preparations for running Windows Mobile - Appstore.

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