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Cliczune Archives: July 2009

Zune deals: Get a recertified Zune 8 and Premium Headphone combo for $83.99 from NewEgg

NewEgg is currently offering a nice deal on a recertified Zune 8 and a set of Premium Headphones. That said, the deal, and this is the important part, is only running through the end of the day today (July 31, 2009).

So, now that we know the offer is time sensitive, lets get into what it includes. Well for $83.99 you can get yourself a black recertified Zune 8 and a set of Zune Premium Headphones.

All things considered, this is a pretty nice deal, especially considering the Premium Headphones are included, in reality they are a really nice set.


Rumor: Zune HD pricing to begin at $249 for 16GB

6a00d8341c505253ef011570dd1e90970b-800wi This latest rumor is coming with a bit of a warning in terms of accuracy, that said, it does sound pretty reasonable. Anyway, what we have is reported to come from a "Microsoft insider" that has "spilled some beans," so here goes...

The latest information surrounding the Zune HD has suggested that it will initially be released in a 16GB model that will sell for somewhere between $249 and $280.

Of course, we have seen this pricing before, but getting a little more in depth, it was also noted that "Microsoft is considering a 64GB model and a 32GB model as well down the line after the product is released" which leads me to believe that the initial release will only offer a 16GB Zune HD.

Personally, a 16GB Zune HD would be pretty nice if it came in at $249, especially considering the 16GB iPod touch is priced at $299. Of course, I think we would be seeing plenty of complaints if a 32GB model was not also released from the beginning. That said, personally I am hoping to see a 64GB option.

[via ZuneAgent]

My Zune, my listening habits and my personal pet peeve all lead to a quick how-to

My_zune_80_250 I will start this by saying that I love my Zune, but based on my listening habits I have one small pet peeve. Thankfully that is able to be solved by way of an autoplaylist.

I am careful to say pet peeve, because my issue really just comes down to my listening habits. I regularly use both my Zune 80 along with the desktop Zune software. I also download new music primarily in album form.

Given that, it seems natural (at least to me) to want to listen to the most recently downloaded albums, which on the desktop software is easy to do thanks to the "albums by date added" layout. Unfortunately, there is not an option for that by default on my Zune 80.

That is where the autoplaylist feature comes into play. I am able to set up a playlist and customize it based on my needs and thankfully this is easy to set up.

To begin, go to Playlists, then click the button for "New Autoplaylist" in the lower left hand corner. From there you will be given quite a few options.

Once there, you name your playlist, for me it is simply called "Recently Added" and then begin to customize it a little. In order to accomplish my goal of having a recently added album section on my Zune I left most of the options as the default.

I did however change a few and those included changing the "Recently added" dropdown from the default of "All" to "In the last (days)." Personally I have that set to 14 days, but you can change that based on your needs. The only other option that I needed to change to fit my needs was the dropdown for "Arrange songs" which I set to "By date added."

All set and done, this only took about 1 minute of time, but it has also made my listening experience much much better. Long story short, playlists both in the form of the regular "New Playlist" option as well as the "New Autoplaylist" option can both really help make your portable Zune listening experience much better. Of course, given the audience here I am sure many of you already knew that.

ZuneHD image surfaces on TwitPic showing off the Zune Marketplace

What we have here is one lonely image of the upcoming Zune HD that is showing off what the Zune Marketplace will look like on the device. Overall, unfortunately, this is nothing terribly exciting, after all it is just the marketplace. That said, there is something about seeing this that makes me want to get my hands on a Zune HD just a little bit more. OK, in all honesty I cannot wait to be able to run out to the store and pick one up for myself. Of course, that is still a few months away at this time, so for now I can sit and stare at the image below and hope that Microsoft unveils some additional details in terms of more specs, official pricing and a firm release date.

Image [TwitPic] Via [Engadget]


Microsoft confirms the ad agency that will be promoting project "pink"

It was a few months back when we first saw reports that Microsoft was looking for an ad agency to promote the "pink" project. Well the good news is, that agency has recently been chosen.

According to a recent article over on AdWeek;

"The Office shift follows a pitch for a new Microsoft mobile offering won by McCann's T.A.G. unit, said sources. JWT, McCann and fellow roster shop Crispin, Porter + Bogusky competed for that assignment, for which the client used the code-name Pink."

Unfortunately, this really just serves as a little more evidence that, despite their denial, Microsoft really is working on a mobile device with the codename of "pink." It does not mean that we are going to learn anything new just yet, but hopefully that will change with some time. In the meantime, for those that want such a device, there is still a little hope of that fabled Zune-Phone coming to market.

[AdWeek via SlashGear]