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Cliczune Archives: September 2009

Zune HD unresponsiveness: Engadget seems to think this may be an issue


It seems that some people are having issues with the touchscreen responsiveness on the recently released Zune HD, or more specifically the 32GB model. As for me, no troubles yet, but I guess I should be on the lookout.

Given the recent activity in regards to this issue on the Zune Forums, Engadget has decided a poll would be appropriate. So far it is suggesting that 25.9% (5370 votes) of users have not had that issue, which is opposed to the 14.8% (3074 votes) that have seen that issue.

Of course, these results could be slightly off balance because 11,663 people have voted that they are still "rockin'the slotMusic Player," which makes up 56.2%. That and there could be some Zune haters in the crown trying to throw off the results.

That said, I have not had any issue with my Zune HD up to this point, but maybe I should have kept that to myself, because things always seem to go wrong when you say that nothing has yet. How about you, any Zune HD sporting cliczune readers having issues?

[Zune Forums via Engadget]

Limited edition "Atomic" Zune HD makes its way to eBay


According to the early description, the item being listed on ebay was a "Limited Edition Zune HD 32gb Red" however that seems to have changed a little and is now being billed as a "Microsoft Zune HD 32gb red_no reserve"

Basically, this tells me that this may not be the limited edition model that it was once claiming to be, that said is still a pretty cool looking Zune HD. Ultimately, this could be a special edition, or maybe an early look at a model that will become available in the future.

Either way, as of this posting the auction still has 4 days and 13 hours left to go, and the Zune is still sitting at a pretty affordable $265. Of course, I would imagine that will increase over the course of the auction.

[eBay via darkzune]

Zune 4.0 comes with a few Windows 7 specific features


I am not sure how many of the cliczune readers have been using Windows 7, however some of the new features in the Zune 4.0 software have made the Windows 7 and Zune combination really nice.

These features, of course came when the Zune 4.0 software was released last week, but I wanted to touch on them a little now, just to give those who are not yet running Windows 7 a little something to look forward to.

Anyway, there are two nice features that you can look forward to seeing when you begin using Windows 7.

The first is Jump Lists, which will allow you to easily play items such as your Quickplay links or Smart DJ playlists by right-clicking the Zune icon in your Windows Taskbar. Additionally, this will also give you the option to shuffle all music.

And second, but also my favorite are the Taskbar Previews, which will allow you to hover your mouse over the Zune icon in the Taskbar and see a small preview of the software. But more important with the Taskbar Previews is that you will be able to skip forward, skip back, play/pause and even rate a song.

Of course, these features are in addition to all of the other great features that came along with the Zune 4.0 software.

[via WindowsTeamBlog]

Zune Original customers listen up, you may be eligible for a $15 credit


I am not sure how I missed this bit of Zune HD Zune Original related news, but it seems that there were more than a few customers upset about the way their orders were handled.

In short, it seems that the order process in regards to the Zune HD orders caused many to never get any updates or confirmations after their purchase. If you are one of those that were affected I am sure you understand, and for those that have no idea what I am talking about, you can read more about it from Matt Miller over at ZDNet.

Anyway, it seems that the Zune Originals team are going to make good on a bad situation and have announced that the affected customers will be receiving a $15 credit that can be applied towards Marketplace credits. You have to give them some credit, a bad situation was acknowledged and in turn made good.

According to Jason Reindrop, the manager of the Zune Originals business;

Hi Folks - this is Jason Reindorp, manager of the Zune Originals business.  We sent out an email blast to customers affected by shipping delays today and gave them a code worth $15.  Instructions in that email instruct you to enter the code into the Zune client account management pages.

Turns out that you actually need to redeem the code through  Here are the instructions:

1. Go to and sign in using the link on the upper right hand navigation bar
2. Click on the drop down menu by your Zune tag name in the upper right and choose ‘My Account”
3. Then click on ‘Prepaid / Download Code’ link and enter your code there.

Sorry the confusion.

[via ZDNet]

Black 32GB Zune HD now available at Zune Originals


This one is short and sweet, well sweet for those who were holding out for the 32GB Zune HD in black. Anyway, if you fall into that category, you may want to head on over to Zune Originals because it is now available. And just like the other 32GB models, expect to pay $289.99.

[Zune Originals via Twitter @DaveMacMS]

Reports of Zune HD selling out bring out the worst in sellers


Remember those reports of the Zune HD selling out, well that sounded like good news to me, well good news in that the Zune HD may have seen a successful launch.

Unfortunately for a short while, there were some people that moved in to take advantage of the situation. Now, don't get me wrong I cannot blame someone for trying to make a few extra bucks, but at the same time the Zune HD seems to back back in stock, or at least will be very soon.

Anyway, according to a recent listing on Amazon, the 32GB Zune HD was selling for as high as $599.99 by a third party (Pavilion Electronics) retailer with a note of "only 4 left in stock -- order soon."

A whopping $310 over the regular Amazon price. Again these are now both back to the regular price with the availability showing as Sept 23 and Sept 24 for the 16 and 32GB model respectively, but at the same time I hope that anyone who made a purchase for $599.99 is able to cancel their order.

Bottom line, while the Zune HD is a nice device and there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding it right now, it is not in anyway a limited edition device. In other words, have some patience and wait just a little bit and not spend more than you should. Of course, in this particular instance I am referring to the Zune HD, but this could apply to many products.

[Amazon via SlashGear]

Zune Tip: Easily use your Zune Credits with Suggested Songs


I woke up yesterday and did some writing, all while playing with and listening to the Zune 4.0 software and I found this great little feature. Then before I could write it up as a tip I went for a run and during that run I listened to the Zune Insider podcast only to discover they offered the same tip.

What a coincidence. Anyway, initially I was a little bummed that I did not find it first but either way there is now a nice way to use your Zune Credits in the 4.0 software.

If you go to the upper right hand corner (just below your Zune username) you will see a link called credits. That link shows the current amount that you have available, but if you click on it you will be presented with a list of Suggested Songs.

Once clicked, the list shows the song name, artist, album and most important for me is whether the track is an MP3.

In regards to how they are deciding which tracks to suggest, according to the description, these are the "Zune Pass songs you've listened to the most this month."

Assuming this list works for you, just click the Use Credits button and you are all set.

Additionally, if you hover over the Credits link, you will be shown the date of when your current credits expire. Which is good for me, because there have been a few times I missed out on getting my free tracks.

Finally, if you have not already been listening, the Zune Insider podcast with Matt and Jessica is wonderful. It comes out weekly on Friday, and for me it is a must listen. Like I stated earlier, I often take them with me while I go out for my Saturday morning run.

Zune HD and iPod touch specs compared by CNET


Personally, I view the Zune HD more as a media device as opposed to the portable computer that Steve Jobs likes to call the iPod touch, however there are enough similarities between the two and the comparisons are bound to happen.

That said, CNET has recently posted a seemingly complete list of side by side specs for both the Zune HD and the iPod touch. Keep in mind, this is not a side by side review, but a nitty gritty listing of the specs. So just in case you wanted to see which device had better audio battery life (the Zune HD) or better video battery life (again the Zune HD) you can now be informed.

Just think, the next time your friend or co-worker is telling you how great the iPod touch is, you can have just a little bit more in terms of ammunition for proving them wrong. Of course specs aside, the Zune HD is better in my opinion for one thing -- the compatibility with the Zune Pass.

[via CNET]

The Zune HD is selling out


Recent reports from both Gizmodo and Engadget are showing that the Zune HD has begun to sell out at a few online retailers to include Amazon, Best Buy, Newegg and Of course these reports were from yesterday afternoon and things have changed slightly as of early this morning. That said, there does appear to be an impending Zune HD shortage.

Based on a quick check of those few sites, I now see the 16GB Zune HD is available at Amazon, but the 32GB model is still showing a shipping time of 1-3 weeks.

As for Best Buy, both models are still being listed as backordered.

At Newegg, the 16GB model is showing as sold out and the 32GB model is showing as backordered.

Finally, at, they are listing only the 32GB Zune HD, and it appears to be in stock, but the lack of a 16GB listing would lead me to believe that it is out of stock.

Now the question comes; Is the Zune HD being listed as backordered because of its overwhelming popularity? Or is this just a case of a retailer not expecting a certain demand?

Personally, I would like to think the first -- that the Zune HD is popular and everyone wants one. But even as a Zune fan, I am more likely to believe that number 2 (retailer not expecting demand) is the answer.

Either way, it is nice to see that the Zune HD is getting so much (positive) attention, especially from the big name blogs. It almost makes me feel like one of the "cool kids" for having already been a Zune user. Now I can say I knew the Zune before it was the cool thing to have.

[via engadget and Gizmodo]

iPhone app WordMonger ported to Zune HD, reportedly took 12 hours

It looks like at least some excitement has begun in regards to getting iPhone apps ported over to the Zune HD. The first, or at least the first that we are hearing about is a game called WordMonger which reportedly only took 12 hours of work to become Zune HD compatible. Now don't get me wrong 12 hours is a long time, and I am far from a developer but that does not seem all that long to me.

For those (like myself) who are unfamiliar with WordMonger, in short, it is a word puzzle game. Unfortunately it is not yet available for anyone to download, but according to the developers website, they are hoping that Microsoft will make it available soon.

In the meantime, this looks like it could be good news for anyone who purchased their Zune HD with apps in mind. If this one game has come relatively quickly, I wonder what else we are going to see moving forward. While I am not as excited about apps personally, I do think they have some great potential for the Zune HD and its success.

[via Gizmodo]