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Curiosity Post: What did you do to prepare for your Zune HD arrival?

Posted by Robert Nelson


Well, the weekend is upon us, so lets see if we can get a little discussion going in regards to what you did to prepare for the arrival of your Zune HD. That is assuming you went ahead and made the purchase.

Of course, there could be a few options to consider here. I would imagine that your preparation would depend on what model you were 'upgrading' from, or whether or not the Zune HD is going to replace your current Zune.

In my case, I am upgrading a Zune 80 and the Zune HD is going to be my primary Zune. I still have my Zune 80, but will admit that it has been sitting in my desk drawer since the HD's arrival. I have not committed to selling (or giving) it away just yet, but it has made way for the new kid on the block so to speak.

So I asked the question; What did you do to prepare for your Zune HD arrival?

Now let me share what I did. For me it was easy, and I will say that part of my decision was based on the fact that I also carry an iPhone and regularly use Pandora to stream music.

Anyway, my Zune HD prep was simple -- I opened the Zune Software on my PC and deleted all of my Zune Pass tracks. The only music I left were from the 10 free downloads that Zune Pass users get every month.

With that the prep done.

Of course that left me with virtually no music for my Zune HD, so as soon as the Zune 4.0 software was released I went ahead and downloaded and installed that. Then for a short while I sat waiting for the Marketplace to come back online and allow me to begin downloading new tracks.

Then once the Marketplace was re-opened my download spree began, and since then I have added a total of 2017 songs (141 albums) from 84 artists back into my collection. Those along with the current podcasts and random videos that I have added make up for a total of 12.76GB (as of this posting) which leaves me plenty of room to keep adding (and deleting as I get tired of) stuff.



I went and updated the tech specs in the Wikipedia page for Zune HD. :-)

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