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Reports of Zune HD selling out bring out the worst in sellers

Posted by Robert Nelson


Remember those reports of the Zune HD selling out, well that sounded like good news to me, well good news in that the Zune HD may have seen a successful launch.

Unfortunately for a short while, there were some people that moved in to take advantage of the situation. Now, don't get me wrong I cannot blame someone for trying to make a few extra bucks, but at the same time the Zune HD seems to back back in stock, or at least will be very soon.

Anyway, according to a recent listing on Amazon, the 32GB Zune HD was selling for as high as $599.99 by a third party (Pavilion Electronics) retailer with a note of "only 4 left in stock -- order soon."

A whopping $310 over the regular Amazon price. Again these are now both back to the regular price with the availability showing as Sept 23 and Sept 24 for the 16 and 32GB model respectively, but at the same time I hope that anyone who made a purchase for $599.99 is able to cancel their order.

Bottom line, while the Zune HD is a nice device and there is quite a bit of excitement surrounding it right now, it is not in anyway a limited edition device. In other words, have some patience and wait just a little bit and not spend more than you should. Of course, in this particular instance I am referring to the Zune HD, but this could apply to many products.

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