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Cliczune Archives: November 2009

Zune Store confirms additional Zune HD colors coming December 1


It looks like those additional Zune HD colors will be coming a little sooner than later. Thanks to a recent change over at the Zune Store website we can now confirm that the Zune HD will be available in Red, Purple and Magenta beginning on December 1. Of course these will join the existing Platinum, Black, Blue and Green models. That said, while colors are great, I am sure there are plenty of people who would have rather seen the release of a 64GB Zune HD instead.

[via Zune Store]

Zune HD wallpaper collection


I have had my Zune HD since the release and since then I have found very little in terms of a nice collection of wallpaper for it. Now, thanks to a few forums posts over on anythingbutipod I have found more than a few new items to decorate my Zune HD with.

Anyway, hit the link below and do a little browsing. I will say that it does take a few minutes to find all the ones you want or like because they are spread out between a few posts. But regardless of taking a few minutes, there seems to be something for just about everyone. Enjoy and decorate your Zune HD.

[anythingbutipod via CrunchGear]

Speck unveils PixelSkin case for the Zune HD


In a little bit of good news for those looking to protect their Zune HD, we now have another option in terms of cases. This latest case is the PixelSkin, which comes courtesy of Speck.

This particular case is made of a soft rubbery material that should serve to protect against scratches and the minor bump. As you can see from the images the case offers cutouts for the display, connector port and headphone jack.

While I cannot comment specifically on this particular Zune HD case, I can say that I have used Speck cases on other products in the past and they have held up pretty well over time.

That said, the PixelSkin for the Zune HD is currently available for order and will set you back $24.95.

[Speck PixelSkin for Zune HD]




Zune HD now has 3D games, and they are FREE


I guess that recent firmware update was indeed leading up to those 3D games. Of course it was noted that the update was adding support for those games, but I am not sure anyone expected to come this quickly. That said, I am not complaining, just surprised.

Anyway, the good news is that there are now six new games available which include Audiosurf Tilt, Checkers, Lucky Lanes Bowling, Piano, Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition and Vans Sk8: Pool Service.

So, if you have not already, first make sure you update to firmware 4.3, then proceed to download, install and play some games. The best news is that these games are free, of course that free does come as ad supported. Which means that you will have a short video to watch before you can play. But hey, they are free, I guess a 12 second delay in play is not all that bad.

[via Zune Insider]

Firmware 4.3 now available for the Zune HD


In a little bit of good news/bad news, the Zune HD has received a firmware update. The update will bring your Zune HD up to version 4.3 and with it comes support for "3d games and applications."

As you would guess, that is the good news, but now for the bad. Those "3d games and applications" are not yet available. That said, at least your Zune HD will be ready for them when they arrive.

Other changes that were noted as being included in the version 4.3 update includes an "auto-suggest feature for better text input" as well as the obligatory bug fixes.

As in the past, Zune HD users can apply the update by initiating a sync with their PC.

[via SuperSite for Windows]