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Zune HD wallpaper collection

Posted by Robert Nelson


I have had my Zune HD since the release and since then I have found very little in terms of a nice collection of wallpaper for it. Now, thanks to a few forums posts over on anythingbutipod I have found more than a few new items to decorate my Zune HD with.

Anyway, hit the link below and do a little browsing. I will say that it does take a few minutes to find all the ones you want or like because they are spread out between a few posts. But regardless of taking a few minutes, there seems to be something for just about everyone. Enjoy and decorate your Zune HD.

[anythingbutipod via CrunchGear]


r4 dsi

Ya great pics. I am very impressed within the third one. It seems like painting and making My zune more attractive. thanks for sharing information with us.

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