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Microsoft launches Zune Affiliate Program, now you can earn money for pushing the Zune Pass

Posted by Robert Nelson


Perhaps in a way to help spread the benefits of having a Zune Pass in a little more of a viral way, there is now a Zune Affiliate program available. In short, the program will pay you for selling the Zune Pass. According to the details, you will get "recurring payouts" and "high commissions." Basically, it looks like all you will need to do is fill out a short application to begin.

Honestly, I am not sure this would be enough to get many people rich, or even consider a job, but at the same time the money you earn could at least support your music listening habit. Even if all you earned was enough to cover the monthly cost for your Zune Pass. Seems to me, this is worth signing up for, after all I already try and get my friends to sign up for a Zune Pass, may as well get something back in return.

[Zune Affiliate Program via Inside The Circle]


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This is awesome! I've been waiting a long time for this. Thanks for the tip!


Thanks.Good article.

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