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Facebook app for Zune HD now available

Posted by Robert Nelson


For those that have been waiting -- your Facebook app is now available for the Zune HD. Just head on over to the Apps section in the Marketplace to download, and yes its free. 

As far as use, overall it does not seem all that bad, but that is coming from some pretty limited use so far so my thoughts may still change a bit.

Feature wise, aside from a slow start up time, it seems to cover what you would need or at least expect to have. You can view your wall with your most recent status update along with photos, your inbox and your news feed.

All things considered, it seems this should have waited a little bit. Its not bad, but its far from perfect especially considering how long we waited to see it released. Additionally, the overall experience seems to be better for some than others so your experience may vary a little.

[via Zune Insider and Images via CrunchGear]


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That's great. Wishing there will be more apps available for Zune HD.

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