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Prototype LG Windows Phone 7 Device Codenamed Panther?

Posted by Andy Boxall

Panther When Microsoft's Director of Business Communications, Aaron Woodman, pulled a prototype LG phone from his pocket during a recent Engadget show, everyone gasped when it was seen to be running Windows Phone 7.  This was not the unbranded device used to demo the OS at Mobile World Congress, but a new phone with a side-sliding keyboard.

It was a brief introduction to what could be among the first Windows Phone 7 handsets to go on sale.  Details were scarce, but a 5 megapixel camera and a 3.5mm jack socket were spotted.  The unnamed beast didn't just slip quietly away once Mr. Woodman put it back in his pocket though, as now the phone has a codename, the LG Panther.

Great name, certainly, but this hasn't been confirmed by LG or come with a reference from a source, so not only does it keep its codename status, but its unconfirmed rumour status too.  LG are said to be preparing the Panther for a September 2010 release, so in the meantime, enjoy this clip of the phone being revealed on the Endadget show.


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