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Cliczune Archives: October 2010

Windows Phone 7 Product Spotlight: Samsung Focus

Samsung-focus-1 We are going to take a closer look in the next few days at the new Windows Phone 7 Phones that will be hitting the US market. As of now, we know that there are 5 WP7 phones coming to the US Market by the end of 2010 with more devices slated for the new year. Today we are going to look at the Samsung Focus.

The Focus is very much like Samsung's Galaxy S line of phones with its 4.1-inch capacitive Super AMOLED 480x800 touchscreen, 1Ghz Snapdragon (instead of the Hummingbird processor), 8GB of internal storage and 512MB of RAM, 6.5 hours talk time, HD video recording, 5MP camera with autofocus, and supports all major GSM/Edge/HSDPA/UMTS bands. The Focus will be available on AT&T with a "coming soon" release date and will of course be running Windows Phone 7.

The design of the Focus is nothing new, but is at least somewhat desirable. As the Samsung Galaxy S line has done so well in the US, I'd be willing bet that the Focus will do well too. And since Samsung has been wheeling and dealing lately with every carrier in the US, I would be willing to bet that we will see the Sprint and Verizon version of the Focus coming in the beginning of 2011.

I'd have to admit that the Focus isn't as lust-worthy as some of the other WP7 releases in the US as it is not very unique, but it still does garner some respect with the only Super AMOLED screen of the bunch. AT&T seems to be pushing the Focus as their premiere WP7 device on their site, so expect see a ton of publicity on this thing in the coming months.

Via [AT&T, GSM Arena, Windows Phone 7]

Windows Phone 7 Product Spotlight: Dell Venue Pro

Dell-venue-pro We are going to take a closer look in the next few days at the new Windows Phone 7 Phones that will be hitting the US market. As of now, we know that there are 5 WP7 phones coming to the US Market by the end of 2010 with more devices slated for the new year. Today we are going to look at the Dell Venue Pro.

Depending on the first picture you see of the Venue Pro you may either love it or hate it. But, I think that we can all agree that Dell has decided to really change things up and offer something that has never before been seen design wise. The Venue is a 4.1-inch 800x480 capacitive (Gorilla Glass) portrait QWERTY slider featuring a 1GHz Qualcomm QSD8350 CPU, 7 hours talk time, HD video recording, 5MP camera with autofocus, and supports all major GSM/Edge/HSDPA/UMTS bands. There is still no tag on the Windows Phone 7 official "Buy" page, but according to Dell's press release this will be coming to T-Mobile.

Of course the device is running Windows Phone 7 OS which inlcudes all of the stock WP7 Hubs and support for third party apps. There is also the added MS Office Hub that allows the user to view, edit, and sync important office documents and even interact with a corporate email and SharePoint site. Not to bad.

Well we know the specs are there for this device, but what about the overall look and feel of it? I have to admit, a portrait QWERTY with such a large screen does look a tad off-putting, but I think that the way that the device will work with that tactile QWERTY will prove to be worth the somewhat awkward look. From looking through comments and forums, many potential WP7 users are either hot or cold on this device for the looks that I mention above, so really it will be all about tastes.

This is one of the best parts of platforms like WP7 and Android: different manufacturers get to produce their own hardware and put their own "spin" on what the device should be. It's good that we get to have some choice. All-in-all it looks like Dell is entering the WP7 phone market in a fierce way with such a novel and different device.

Source [Direct2Dell, Windows Phone 7 Official Site]

Windows Phone 7 Sync coming to Mac later this year

Ballmer-phone-7 It looks like the small tweet from Microsoft UK's Oded Ran yesterday regarding Zune or WP7 sync software coming to OS X (that has since been pulled from Twitter) is the real deal. Last evening Microsoft announced their plans to bring WP7 sync software to OS X for "select information" from your phone. 

MS didn't go into too many details but they did say that by the end of 2010 this software in beta form will be available for our fellow Mac users. There is still no word on whether OS X will be getting Zune software anytime soon or at all, but this is the first step for MS in the right direction. Here's the official statement: 

Later in 2010 Microsoft will make a public beta available of a tool that allows Windows Phone 7 to sync select content with Mac computers.

Yeah, not too much really. But it is reassuring to see the MS is "in-it-to-win-it" with WP7 and will even consider doing something that has since been a no-no -- bringing their sync software to OS X. Now, for the hard part; convincing all of the iFanboys and girls to go out and get Windows Phones.

Via [Engadget]

Which Windows Phone 7 will you be purchasing?


Yesterday was a big day for Microsoft as they announced and showed off the latest and greatest of the new Windows Phone 7 devices. With the announcement we discovered that the US will not be getting CDMA WP7s until the beginning of 2011. This means that the GSM carriers will be the lucky two who hold the glory for now.

If you head over to the Windows Phone site and take a look at the current US phones that will be available soon you'll see that it's going to be a tough choice. Of course if you are tied to a carrier (AT&T or T-Mobile) or just prefer one or the other, then the choices aren't as difficult. But if you are a guy like me with a Verizon phone eager to try out the newest smartphone platform, well then you are going to be paying for it.

Anyways, there are five device right now:

  • Samsung Focus on AT&T
  • LG Quantum on AT&T
  • HTC Surround on AT&T
  • HTC HD7 on T-Mobile
  • Dell Venue Pro (no carrier announced, but GSM)

There are all superphone for sure, but which one will it be? T-Mobile's prices are definitely lower than that of AT&T but coverage may be a problem in some areas. Personally, I am waiting to see where the Dell Venue Pro is headed as that phone is my dream form factor.

Let us know what you decide in the comments section.

Via [Windows Phone]

Windows Phone 7 Keynote now available for your viewing pleasure

Wp7-everything-you-love Yesterday was a huge day for Windows Phone 7. If you didn't get a chance to catch all of the action floating around the internet well then take a chance to sit back today and watch Ballmer talk about how WP7 is "mine". You'll see what I mean while you are watching the video.

Not only was Mr. Ballmer all about WP7 yesterday, AT&T's chief Ralph de le Vega was on stage representing the "premiere" partner of the Windows Phone 7 launch in the US as they scored the Samsung Focus, LG Quantum, and HTC Surround for release soon. So, if you are interested in the press conference and haven't seen it yet, or you are just a big Microsoft fanboy or girl and want to watch it again, hop on over to Microsoft's site to check it out. Oh, yeah, you will need Silverlight to check it out.

Via [Windows Phone Newsroom]

New Windows Phone 7 commerical hits the web, shows the simplicity of the platform

Microsoft hasn't been known for the greatest commercial attempts in the past (think Bing and also Jerry Seinfeld), but it appears with their "all-or-nothing" approach to the marketing of Windows Phone 7 they may have just gotten one right.

The newest Windows Phone 7 commercial is up online now at Microsoft's WP7 YouTube site along with a host of other videos that were released yesterday showcasing the platform. The commercial takes something that is rather true and annoying (people buried in their cell phones at the craziest times) and suggests that with WP7's innovative Hub homescreen users will be able to take in "glanceable" information and get on with their lives.

It sounds a little corny, but really it does make a lot of sense. Quick and easy information is at the heart of WP7's UI and making it a selling point is a really good idea on Microsoft's part, especially because Apple's iOS has no such thing. Hopefully we will see some more marketing from Microsoft of this nature; show what the phone is good at doing and make an impact. 

Also, make sure to check out the other new Windows Phone 7 videos on their YouTube channel.

Via [windowsphone on YouTube]