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Which Windows Phone 7 will you be purchasing?

Posted by Chris Smith


Yesterday was a big day for Microsoft as they announced and showed off the latest and greatest of the new Windows Phone 7 devices. With the announcement we discovered that the US will not be getting CDMA WP7s until the beginning of 2011. This means that the GSM carriers will be the lucky two who hold the glory for now.

If you head over to the Windows Phone site and take a look at the current US phones that will be available soon you'll see that it's going to be a tough choice. Of course if you are tied to a carrier (AT&T or T-Mobile) or just prefer one or the other, then the choices aren't as difficult. But if you are a guy like me with a Verizon phone eager to try out the newest smartphone platform, well then you are going to be paying for it.

Anyways, there are five device right now:

  • Samsung Focus on AT&T
  • LG Quantum on AT&T
  • HTC Surround on AT&T
  • HTC HD7 on T-Mobile
  • Dell Venue Pro (no carrier announced, but GSM)

There are all superphone for sure, but which one will it be? T-Mobile's prices are definitely lower than that of AT&T but coverage may be a problem in some areas. Personally, I am waiting to see where the Dell Venue Pro is headed as that phone is my dream form factor.

Let us know what you decide in the comments section.

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HD7 for me, along with switch to T-Mobile.


Likely the Samsung Focus for me. It would be the HD7, but T-mobile coverage is not good enough in my area. I'll be switching from Verizon, and crossing my fingers that the AT&T coverage will be comparable.

(PS: I think the Dell Venue was announced to be on T-Mobile).

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