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40000 Windows Phone 7 devices sold during launch

Posted by Chris Smith

WP7 Let’s face it, with iOS and Android in the smartphone market, Microsoft has to show consumers the reason that they just have to have a new Windows Phone 7. Although the initial device lineup is rather compelling and the buzz around the tech blogs has been positive, The Street via CNET is reporting that there were 40,000 WP7 devices sold during the initial launch.

To be honest, it isn’t to hard to understand how little sales of a new device could happen, from the bad taste of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the whole Kin debacle, Microsoft has really dug themselves a hole in the smartphone market. Those two problems alone would make consumers pause about picking up any type of Microsoft mobile device, but the fact that Microsoft has to face two harsh rivals, iPhone and Android, makes their dilemma even more real.

Although sales were low for WP7 device the first couple of days, some stores were reporting little to know inventory left over after the initial day. When Microsoft was asked to comment about the numbers they didn’t reply. To put these numbers in perspective, the first gen iPhone sold a whopping 500,000 device in the first weekend that it was available. That was even with a steep $500 price tag.

WP7 definitely has an uphill battle but in my opinion all is still not loss. With more and more marketing barrages and sure to be “screaming” deals during the holidays, WP7 will most likely hang in their.

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