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Hack your Samsung Focus to enable WiFi tethering

Posted by Chris Smith

Focus-wifi-hack With any new platform comes new hackers that want to get the most out of their devices. Windows Phone 7 users are no exception to the rule. Today, Focus users at Mobility Digest and Samsung HDBlog were clever enough to work around the pesky no WiFi tethering limitation of Windows Phone 7.

If you want to join these clever users in getting some tethering for yourself (that is before AT&T and Microsoft try to lock this down) you can with some simple steps. This is pulled from PCWorld:

First, you need to have Zune software installed on your PC, then perform the following steps:

  • Dial ##634#
  • In the diagnostics mode that opens up, enter *#7284# in the phone dialer.
  • Switch to "Modem, Tethered Call" and wait for the phone to restart.
  • Connect the phone to your PC via USB and wait for the drivers to install.
  • Go to the settings for the Samsung modem. In Windows 7, this is found in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Set the number to *99***1#, user name to WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, and password to CINGULAR1, and connect.

Remember, this will violate your AT&T Terms of Service, but what hacker really cares about that? Seriously though, before you do this, just remember that AT&T may not be too happy with your decision. Personally, I wouldn't really care, especially because WiFi tethering is so important to my commuter lifestyle, but if you are a little timid, maybe you should hold off until the official word on Windows Phone 7 tethering.

Also, there are no other reports of this or similar methods working on different carriers, but with geeks out their and WP7 phones in hand, it is bound to happen.



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