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Cliczune Archives: November 2010

Rumor: New functionality to hit Windows Phone 7 in Janurary

Windowsphone_logo Windows Phone 7 has had a bit of a rocky start over this holiday season, but according to several "leaks" on Twitter, the upcoming update for WP7 will add some very important features that were lacking in the initial build.

According to WPCentral, WP7 will get the following features with the update:

  • Bing turn-by-turn directions, improvements
  • Custom ringer support
  • Copy/Paste
  • Multi-tasking (of some form)

 According to @ChrisWalshie (a .NET and Windows Phone 7 developer) Microsoft has done in three months with Windows Phone 7 "what Apple did in 3 years". It looks like Mr. Walshie may have seen the leak of the new update and just couldn't hold his excitement.

It's good that M$ is concentrating on making the WP7 platform powerful and full-features as well as giving users fast updates. Hopefully as more and more functionality roles out for WP7, carriers and device manufacturers don't cripple or delay the additions which has been a point of contention for Android devices.

By the way, Mr. Walshie is also saying that we will reveal some screenshots of the update later today, so if you want to see them keep an eye out at his Twitter feed.

Via [WPCentral] Source [Twitter]

Windows Phone 7 BOGO at AT&T this holiday season

ATT-Holiday We know that you are a tad upset that you won't be able to get a new Windows Phone 7 device on Verizon during the holidays (so am I), but if you are thinking about taking the plunge on AT&T, the holidays will be your chance. Especially if you want to get one for you and your significant other, family member, or friend.

AT&T has made it known that they are offering a buy-one-get-one free deal on any of their current Windows Phone 7 phones. This includes the Samsung Focus, HTC Surround, or the LG Quantum. Of course you will have to pony up the $199.99 for the first phone, sign a two-year contract, and sign up for a data plan on both lines, but all of that is pretty normal now-a-days.

ZDNet also points out that with any Windows Phone 7 device AT&T will throw in 30 days of the Zune Pass subscription, a free download of XBox Live game ilomilo, 10 free song downloads, and 30 days of AT&T U-verse. Does AT&T want to sell you some WP7 devices before the end of the year with whatever tactic is necessary. You bet ya.

If you want more info about the deal head on over to Microsoft to check it out.

Via [ZDNet] Sourc [Microsoft]

Windows Phone 7 hacking attempts thwarted, at least for now

One of the "good" things about Windows Mobile was the "hackability" of the OS. Since the OS was somewhat stagnant for the better part of the 2000s, many developers, hackers, and coders got together on forums such as XDA Developers and added functionality to the OS. With the dawn of a brand new mobile operating system from Microsoft, developers are trying to get their hands dirty by modifying WP7 and in those attempts stumbled on a nasty little hiccup.

The developer conflipper made us aware that Windows Phone 7 has a "Genuine Software Checker" that is locked to the device ID of the device's motherboard. Basically, when the OS is modified in anyway, Microsoft has made it so it has to be reactivated when accessing Xbox Live, Marketplace, Windows Live, or Zune on the device. M$ has even gone far enough to make a Private Key (or PVK) to ensure that the OS version is correct for the current hardware. Any change in hardware or software and the device will need to be "serviced" or even replaced.

Although this is a deterrent for Windows Phone 7 hackers out there, there is nothing like a challenge. If history proves itself, Windows Phone 7 will be yet another operating system that is hacked when thought to be "unhackable". We give it a matter of weeks for this OS to be ripped wide open and custom WP7 ROMs to be developed and used.

Via [TechPinger]

Don't believe everything you tweet; no Windows Phone 7 for Verizon in 2010

Verizon If you were waiting for your WP7 device to be made available on Verizon this holiday it looks like you will have to wait a little longer. Don't worry though, good things come to those that wait and according to Verizon and Microsoft, Windows Phone 7 devices will be available on the nation's number one network in early 2011.

A tweet was posted by @windowsphone over the weekend saying that WP7 devices were going to be available during the 2010 holidays at Verizon:

"WP7 devices will be rolling into Verizon stores this holiday season and more will arrive in early 2011."

That tweet caught the attention of several tech sites because up until then everyone had been thinking that WP7 devices wouln't be available until 2011. After a few short hours of confusion and dare I say excitement, @windowsphone posted another tweet, not dismissing the 2010 holiday release, but making it somewhat clear that Windows Phone 7 devices won't be available until early 2011 on Verizon.

And then today, to make things even more clear, a Verizon spokeswoman responded to PCWorld saying that, "The tweet is incorrect...", basically putting the idea of a 2010 release out of our minds for good. It's a crazy, roller-coaster ride of WP7 emotion, but it looks like if you want a WP7 device this Christmas you are going to have to sign up for AT&T or T-Mobile service.

Via [PCWorld]

Popcop offered $100K by Microsoft for Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone 7

Plantsvszombies We all knew that Microsoft was tyring to obtain prime game and app developers for Windows Phone 7 and to do that they were offering them a pretty penny. Today, Popcap said that Microsoft had offered them $100K for their popular game Plants vs. Zombies.

This is isn't the first time that Microsoft has approached Popcap as Microsoft had offerend them around $5 million about 8 years ago for the entire company. Popcap didn't take the deal and created a multimillion dollar business since then. But Microsoft still believes that the developer can create some compelling games, compelling enough to offer the company $100K for PvZ.

Popcap is quoted as saying this about the deal:

“We weren’t sure we could meet the commitment but we already identified we wanted to be on there. If the platform succeeds, the dollars we were kicking around the table will be peanuts.”

So, it looks like Popcap is going to see if the platform will succeed before committing to it. It seems that this is sort of a bad move on Popcap's part. Not that they need to be on WP7 but that it definitely wouldn't hurt them to be, and could boost some sales for them. If M$ offered the company $100K it seems sort of stupid that they wouldn't port their game.

Via [ripten]

Samsung to focus more on Windows Phone 7 than Android in upcoming devices

Samsung-logo This is rather surprising. According to, Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr, head of mobile marketing for Samsung Thailand, says that Samsung will be concentrating more of their device OS efforts on Windows Phone 7 rather than Android or even Samsung's own Bada OS.

According to the site, for every 50 smartphones using Windows Phone 7 there will be about half as many using the popular Android operating system. This is somewhat perplexing as Samsung as of late has been concentrating on Android more than anything else and that they owe much of the success to their Galaxy S line to Android. This move shows that Samsung firmly believes that WP7 is the future of mobile operating systems, not necessarily the Android OS.

One thing that is good with Samsung's mobile strategy is that they are not relying on one mobile OS; they are hedging their bets on Android and WP7 to see which one sticks. But what this does show is that Samsung believes that WP7 will be the OS to beat in the mobile market.

Via [Softpedia]

LG Quantum now available on AT&T

Lg-quantum  It looks like the last phone that Microsoft promised during their initial US release for Windows Phone 7 is now available at AT&T (that is if you consider the small availability of the Dell Venue Pro part of the release).The LG Quantum is now avialable today.

The LG Quantum is very much like its other Windows Phone 7 counterparts with its full landscape slideout QWERTY keyboard, 3.5-inch capacitive touchscreen, 1Ghz processor, 16GB of internal memory, as well as Windows Phone 7 with all of its apps, Marketplace, tiles, and hubs. The phone is available starting today on 2 year contract for the normal $199.99.

LG didn't really seem to go out on the limb here with any new type of design; they took what has worked for them before and slapped Windows Phone 7 on it. If you are looking for a device that has run of the mill style and that could even be considered "conservative" looking, then the LG Quantum is the WP7 device for you.

Via [Ubergizmo]

Windows Phone 7 Marketplace flaw allows anyone to peer into app source code

Windows-phone-7-apps-source-code WP7 seems to be off to a rocky start, what with the Dell Venue Pro's WiFi issues, to the slow sales numbers. It looks like Microsoft will have to rack up another blunder with the way that they are handling the Windows Phone Marketplace app packages. Quoted from Slashdot:

"At this very moment, it is possible for any Joe Schmo to go over to Microsoft’s server and download all of Windows Phone 7 XAP application packages without the need of a WP7 device or Zune Desktop software."

So what does this mean? It means that I can take a trip to Microsoft's server, download all of the Marketplace applications packages, unzip them, and then have my way with the source code. Who said Microsoft was against open source? But really, this is quite a problem and it appears that Microsoft has been aware of it for some time as they have been informing developers to use "obfuscation" tools on their apps to protect them from this.

Apparently many developers are not very happy with the current situation as their apps can basically be stolen and used in whatever way one sees fit. And when Microsoft is trying to win the hearts and minds of developers for their baby platform, pissing them off is never a good thing.

Via [Slashdot]

Hack your Samsung Focus to enable WiFi tethering

Focus-wifi-hack With any new platform comes new hackers that want to get the most out of their devices. Windows Phone 7 users are no exception to the rule. Today, Focus users at Mobility Digest and Samsung HDBlog were clever enough to work around the pesky no WiFi tethering limitation of Windows Phone 7.

If you want to join these clever users in getting some tethering for yourself (that is before AT&T and Microsoft try to lock this down) you can with some simple steps. This is pulled from PCWorld:

First, you need to have Zune software installed on your PC, then perform the following steps:

  • Dial ##634#
  • In the diagnostics mode that opens up, enter *#7284# in the phone dialer.
  • Switch to "Modem, Tethered Call" and wait for the phone to restart.
  • Connect the phone to your PC via USB and wait for the drivers to install.
  • Go to the settings for the Samsung modem. In Windows 7, this is found in Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
  • Set the number to *99***1#, user name to WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM, and password to CINGULAR1, and connect.

Remember, this will violate your AT&T Terms of Service, but what hacker really cares about that? Seriously though, before you do this, just remember that AT&T may not be too happy with your decision. Personally, I wouldn't really care, especially because WiFi tethering is so important to my commuter lifestyle, but if you are a little timid, maybe you should hold off until the official word on Windows Phone 7 tethering.

Also, there are no other reports of this or similar methods working on different carriers, but with geeks out their and WP7 phones in hand, it is bound to happen.


Rumor: WiFi issues plague the Dell Venue Pro? Other WP7 device too?

Dell-venue-pro Here is your lesson in buying new electronics, kids. Sometimes they don’t work correctly. According to BGR and several other commentors and posters, the Dell Venue Pro has been reported to have some trouble connecting to some protected WiFi hotspots.

When Venue users try to connect to some protected WiFi networks with WP7’s own WiFi utility, they receive the error “your phone couldn’t reach the WiFi network”. What makes it even more of a dilemma is that users that connect to unprotected networks are not reporting the issue. As of now Microsoft or Dell hasn’t commented about the issue as it is still developing.

And to top it all off, some other users are complaining about the same issue with their shiny new HTC HD7s. There is still no word if this is a major issue or if it is a fluke with some devices but if you have a new WP7 device you may want to check if you can connect to any protected networks.

Via [BGR, Slashgear]