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Cliczune Archives: November 2010

40000 Windows Phone 7 devices sold during launch

WP7 Let’s face it, with iOS and Android in the smartphone market, Microsoft has to show consumers the reason that they just have to have a new Windows Phone 7. Although the initial device lineup is rather compelling and the buzz around the tech blogs has been positive, The Street via CNET is reporting that there were 40,000 WP7 devices sold during the initial launch.

To be honest, it isn’t to hard to understand how little sales of a new device could happen, from the bad taste of Windows Mobile 6.5 and the whole Kin debacle, Microsoft has really dug themselves a hole in the smartphone market. Those two problems alone would make consumers pause about picking up any type of Microsoft mobile device, but the fact that Microsoft has to face two harsh rivals, iPhone and Android, makes their dilemma even more real.

Although sales were low for WP7 device the first couple of days, some stores were reporting little to know inventory left over after the initial day. When Microsoft was asked to comment about the numbers they didn’t reply. To put these numbers in perspective, the first gen iPhone sold a whopping 500,000 device in the first weekend that it was available. That was even with a steep $500 price tag.

WP7 definitely has an uphill battle but in my opinion all is still not loss. With more and more marketing barrages and sure to be “screaming” deals during the holidays, WP7 will most likely hang in their.

Via [CNET]

Google Search app makes its way to Windows Marketplace for Mobile

Google-windows-phone-home Today Google announced and made available their own search app for all WP7 phones. If you were one of the lucky launch day buyers you can now go to the Marketplace and download Google Search.

The app doesn't really have to many bell-and-whistles, but what it lacks in features makes up in functionality. Google is known for allowing their search to be fast, accurate, and intuitive and they accomplish that on WP7. After downloading the app, users can pin the app to Start, allowing them access right from the Start screen.

The app allows for search of the web, images, local, news, etc. and give you suggestions as you type. This isn't Google Instant, merely just suggestions in a drop down while you type in the search box. Also, the app uses location services to give you search results based on where you are located at the time. Like I said before, none of this is groundbreaking, but if you want Google Search on your WP7 instead of the built in Bing, now is your chance to get it.

The app is free in the Marketplace now.

Via [Google Mobile Blog]

Dell Venue Pro makes its way to Microsoft stores just in time to be sold out

Dell-venue-pro If you are like me, you have been waiting patiently to get your hands on, what is in my opinion the sexiest WP7 phone, the Dell Venue Pro. Today was the day to finally realize that dream as long as you got to a Microsoft Store before they quickly sold out.

According to Engadget, Dell pushed a small amount of Venue Pros to Microsoft stores today to join in on the US launch of Windows Phone 7 devices. If you could get to these stores before they sold out the Venue Pro would set you back $200 buck on a 2-year contract with T-Mo or $449 without a contract.

Don't worry if you couldn't get one today, Dell's site is showing that they will be available on November 15th through their site and will come in 8GB and 16GB models.

Via [Engadget, Dell]

Windows Phone 7 US launch day, which WP7 are you picking up?

Htc-hd7 It looks like the wait for the next installment of Microsoft's mobile operating system is over. Today is the day to go out and grab your brand new Windows Phone 7 device, that is if you are an AT&T or T-Mobile customer.

Today you can get your hands on three different WP7 phones from the number two carrier in the US; the Saumsung Focus, the HTC Surround, and you can pre-order the LG Quantum. Both the Samsung Focus and the HTC Surround can be had on two-year contract for $200 respectively and the LG Quantum can be pre-order for the same price. Customers will of course have to choose one of AT&T's "not-so-good" data plan options; $15/month for 250MB or $25/month for 2GB of data with every subsequent GB costing an extra $10.

T-Mobile is offering, what is in my opinion the best deal, the HTC HD7 (basically an HTC HD2 with WP7) for $200 on contract or $500 off contract. A basic plan for a two year contract will run you $79.99 a month plus fees and that gets you unlimited data, text, and 500 minutes. You could also opt to pay up front and walk away with the same plan, month-to-month for $59.99 a month. And of course, you could wait another week and pick up the Dell Venue Pro on T-Mobile as soon as they come into stock.

So, many choices. Who would have thought that we would have such a hard time picking out a Windows Mobile Phone? So, which one is it? Pick up one of AT&T's offerings, splurge at T-Mobile, or wait until WP7 hits the other two CDMA carriers early next year?

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