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Popcop offered $100K by Microsoft for Plants vs. Zombies for Windows Phone 7

Posted by Chris Smith

Plantsvszombies We all knew that Microsoft was tyring to obtain prime game and app developers for Windows Phone 7 and to do that they were offering them a pretty penny. Today, Popcap said that Microsoft had offered them $100K for their popular game Plants vs. Zombies.

This is isn't the first time that Microsoft has approached Popcap as Microsoft had offerend them around $5 million about 8 years ago for the entire company. Popcap didn't take the deal and created a multimillion dollar business since then. But Microsoft still believes that the developer can create some compelling games, compelling enough to offer the company $100K for PvZ.

Popcap is quoted as saying this about the deal:

“We weren’t sure we could meet the commitment but we already identified we wanted to be on there. If the platform succeeds, the dollars we were kicking around the table will be peanuts.”

So, it looks like Popcap is going to see if the platform will succeed before committing to it. It seems that this is sort of a bad move on Popcap's part. Not that they need to be on WP7 but that it definitely wouldn't hurt them to be, and could boost some sales for them. If M$ offered the company $100K it seems sort of stupid that they wouldn't port their game.

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