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Rumor: New functionality to hit Windows Phone 7 in Janurary

Posted by Chris Smith

Windowsphone_logo Windows Phone 7 has had a bit of a rocky start over this holiday season, but according to several "leaks" on Twitter, the upcoming update for WP7 will add some very important features that were lacking in the initial build.

According to WPCentral, WP7 will get the following features with the update:

  • Bing turn-by-turn directions, improvements
  • Custom ringer support
  • Copy/Paste
  • Multi-tasking (of some form)

 According to @ChrisWalshie (a .NET and Windows Phone 7 developer) Microsoft has done in three months with Windows Phone 7 "what Apple did in 3 years". It looks like Mr. Walshie may have seen the leak of the new update and just couldn't hold his excitement.

It's good that M$ is concentrating on making the WP7 platform powerful and full-features as well as giving users fast updates. Hopefully as more and more functionality roles out for WP7, carriers and device manufacturers don't cripple or delay the additions which has been a point of contention for Android devices.

By the way, Mr. Walshie is also saying that we will reveal some screenshots of the update later today, so if you want to see them keep an eye out at his Twitter feed.

Via [WPCentral] Source [Twitter]


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