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Samsung to focus more on Windows Phone 7 than Android in upcoming devices

Posted by Chris Smith

Samsung-logo This is rather surprising. According to, Sitthichoke Nopchinabutr, head of mobile marketing for Samsung Thailand, says that Samsung will be concentrating more of their device OS efforts on Windows Phone 7 rather than Android or even Samsung's own Bada OS.

According to the site, for every 50 smartphones using Windows Phone 7 there will be about half as many using the popular Android operating system. This is somewhat perplexing as Samsung as of late has been concentrating on Android more than anything else and that they owe much of the success to their Galaxy S line to Android. This move shows that Samsung firmly believes that WP7 is the future of mobile operating systems, not necessarily the Android OS.

One thing that is good with Samsung's mobile strategy is that they are not relying on one mobile OS; they are hedging their bets on Android and WP7 to see which one sticks. But what this does show is that Samsung believes that WP7 will be the OS to beat in the mobile market.

Via [Softpedia]


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