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Windows Phone 7 hacking attempts thwarted, at least for now

Posted by Chris Smith

One of the "good" things about Windows Mobile was the "hackability" of the OS. Since the OS was somewhat stagnant for the better part of the 2000s, many developers, hackers, and coders got together on forums such as XDA Developers and added functionality to the OS. With the dawn of a brand new mobile operating system from Microsoft, developers are trying to get their hands dirty by modifying WP7 and in those attempts stumbled on a nasty little hiccup.

The developer conflipper made us aware that Windows Phone 7 has a "Genuine Software Checker" that is locked to the device ID of the device's motherboard. Basically, when the OS is modified in anyway, Microsoft has made it so it has to be reactivated when accessing Xbox Live, Marketplace, Windows Live, or Zune on the device. M$ has even gone far enough to make a Private Key (or PVK) to ensure that the OS version is correct for the current hardware. Any change in hardware or software and the device will need to be "serviced" or even replaced.

Although this is a deterrent for Windows Phone 7 hackers out there, there is nothing like a challenge. If history proves itself, Windows Phone 7 will be yet another operating system that is hacked when thought to be "unhackable". We give it a matter of weeks for this OS to be ripped wide open and custom WP7 ROMs to be developed and used.

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