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Windows Phone 7 Marketplace flaw allows anyone to peer into app source code

Posted by Chris Smith

Windows-phone-7-apps-source-code WP7 seems to be off to a rocky start, what with the Dell Venue Pro's WiFi issues, to the slow sales numbers. It looks like Microsoft will have to rack up another blunder with the way that they are handling the Windows Phone Marketplace app packages. Quoted from Slashdot:

"At this very moment, it is possible for any Joe Schmo to go over to Microsoft’s server and download all of Windows Phone 7 XAP application packages without the need of a WP7 device or Zune Desktop software."

So what does this mean? It means that I can take a trip to Microsoft's server, download all of the Marketplace applications packages, unzip them, and then have my way with the source code. Who said Microsoft was against open source? But really, this is quite a problem and it appears that Microsoft has been aware of it for some time as they have been informing developers to use "obfuscation" tools on their apps to protect them from this.

Apparently many developers are not very happy with the current situation as their apps can basically be stolen and used in whatever way one sees fit. And when Microsoft is trying to win the hearts and minds of developers for their baby platform, pissing them off is never a good thing.

Via [Slashdot]


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