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Copy and Paste functionality makes its way to WP7 developers

Posted by Chris Smith

Microsoft may be releasing the anticipated copy and paste feature to Windows Phone 7 devices very soon as some WP7 developers are reporting that the functionality is included with an updated version of the WP7 SDK. This could mean that the addition of copy and paste could be very close at hand. 

We knew that Microsoft would be announcing and then releasing an update to their Windows Phone 7 platform sometime late this year or early next year. It appears that copy and paste, a feature that should have been included with the initial build, has made its way to developer phones which possibly means that the anticipated WP7 update is soon upon us.

According to several sources, WP7 copy and past works as it does on the iPhone, which in my opinion is the way to go. It provides system wide copy and paste (Android, please learn for this) and is said to be relatively easy to use. 

As of now, the developers are reporting that the update may only affect the Samsung Focus at this point, but since of Microsoft's tightness on keeping WP7 pure for all devices, expect to see the feature set rolled out to other developer devices soon.

Via [UberGizmo]

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