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Upcoming Windows Phone 7 update to open up the OS to developers even more

Posted by Chris Smith

Windows-phone-7-logo We have to admit, there haven't been too many early signs of success when it comes to Windows Phone 7. With the lackluster US launch on November 8th to the debacle of developer's apps being unprotected, Microsoft has set themselves up for an even larger up hill battle than they already had coming into the "superphone" market this late in the game.

According to the Register and other outlets, a second WP7 update may be hitting consumers in February after the initial addition to copy and paste functionality. This update will bring better controls for applications to developers as well as giving them greater support for "multitasking" in their applications. This would then make the WP7 OS on par with Android and iOS, allowing Microsoft to concentrate more on building their app store and making finer adjustments to the OS.

Microsoft really needs to get WP7 in tip-top shape in a hurry as there have been reports that if Windows Phone 7 doesn't perform, Microsoft will "pull the plug" on the fledgling OS. It seems drastic, especially as Microsoft could keep a product that is potentially losing money to stay current at least make some sort of mobile offering.

We haven't heard any sales figures for Windows Phone 7 so far and this may be an indication of poor sales and consumer adoption. It really kind of sucks. WP7 is a really good OS, but instead of being fashionably late to the party, they showed up after everyone was drunk and passed out. Hopefully they can wake everyone up and join them for a second round.

Via [The Register]


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