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Get a Zune 80 for $229 and get a free 2 month Zune Pass

Microsoft is currently running a nice special on the Zune 80. The offer is simple, if you purchase a black Zune 80 for the regular price ($229) you will be given a free two month Zune Pass. Which should be more than enough time to convince most people just how nice the Zune Pass really is. Of course, there are some catches, this offer is available through December 31, 2008 and limited to the US.

[Zune Store via ZuneBoards]

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Zune Originals adds new artwork, online exclusive colors


In addition to the new software and free Wi-Fi, Zune Originals has also received an little refresh with the introduction of the new Zune hardware. We have already seen the new Zune 120 and Zune 16 hit the retail stores in black, and now Zune Originals has also announced that the Zune 16 will be available in blue, red, pink and green as an online exclusive. Finally, customers will also have the option of choosing some new artwork as Zune Originals has added 14 new designs to give your Zune a little more of a personal feel.


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Wal-Mart offering the new Zune 120, lower priced Zune 80 a little early


The official release date was supposed to be the 16th, but it seems that at least one Wal-Mart in Harborcreek, PA has decided to add them to their show floor cabinets for everyone to see. Of course seeming how everything else detail wise managed to leak out a little early with the Zune lately, I suppose we should not see this as any real surprise.

While the pricing had already been confirmed by Microsoft, we can see from the image that Wal-Mart will sell off their remaining inventory of Zune 80's for a nice $198, which sounds like a good time for anyone looking to make a purchase. Of course if you wanted the biggest storage option to date, you would have to shell out the $50 extra for the Zune 120.

Personally I have a Zune 80 that is in excellent condition so its kind of a mute point for me, but I am a sucker for a bargain and had I been looking I think I would be more than tempted to go for the Zune 80 and save a few bucks, after all, all models of the Zune will be able to get the new firmware for free anyway and aside from storage that is where most of the cool features are anyway.

Has anyone else able to find one of the new, or discounted old Zunes in a local store yet? If not don't worry much as they should be everywhere tomorrow.


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Microsoft officially lets the new Zune details out

Blue_zune_8_125_2 I suppose this post comes as a little bit of bittersweet news considering we have already seen the details, but that said, Microsoft has chosen to officially unveil the details for the new Zune hardware and software.

So just for a quick recap, the new model of the Zune will be the black 120GB hard drive based model which will retail for $249 along with a 16GB flash based model which will retail for $199. Additionally the Zune 16 will also be available in blue. The Zune 8 will be priced at $149, and Microsoft also plans to lower the prices on some of the older models.

As for the software side, it looks like software version 3 will be available with those features that we mentioned earlier, which include Buy from FM, Device to Cloud, Channels and Games. Currently nothing was mentioned about when the new software will be made available for current Zune owners. Personally although I like the blue Zune 16 and the black backing on the Zune 120 I am more excited by the new software features and hope that will be ready soon.

If nothing else, I guess Amazon can go ahead and add that Zune 120 listing back to their website now.


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Zune 120: The unofficial roll-out continues...or does it?


In addition to the listings over on Frys, another online retailer (Amazon) had ever so briefly list the Zune 120 for sale. Currently I have not seen any confirmed purchases through the Amazon store listing, but they have since removed it from the store, with the URL now going to a big'ol 404.

With just one day before Microsoft is expected to officially make the announcements, it seems Amazon has had a change of heart, one can only wonder whether Frys will do the same. Of course it seems that Frys is already in a little deeper with between their multiple leaks and at least one confirmed sale.

Funny thing is that when this listing was available on Amazon, there were eight vendors listed, of which seven was showing the Zune 120 as in-stock and even had expedited shipping available, and strangely the only one of the eight that was showing a "temporarily out of stock" notice was Amazon themselves.

At this point we can only hope the announcements come tomorrow, and put an end to this mess. Anyone interested in the larger capacity Zune, or what about the blue Zune 8, its pretty sharp looking.

[Amazon via Pocketables]

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Joy Division limited edition Zune unboxings

Zune_jd_screen Well, given the fact I love Joy Division, I would love to get my hands on one of these, especially after seeing the pictures. I however cannot justify the extra cost, mostly because I recently upgraded to a red Zune 80 and truly have no need for another 80GB Zune, even if it does look really cool.

I am not sure if this comes as any measure of success, but I have been keeping an eye out for unboxings and images and so far have seen very few. In fact I have come across just two, one of which comes from a zunerama forum member who managed to get number 39 out of 500 and the other from Peter Rojas of Engadget/RCRDLBL fame who happens to be even luckier and scored himself a protoype. The player is also (as of this posting) still available for purchase.

From the description that was given by the zunerama forum member "RL" it sounds like a very nice looking device and a worthy unboxing experience.

"I got the box this afternoon from Fed-Ex.   Solid Black.  Opened it up.  Solid black.  Unwrapped the black paper from the interior box.  Solid Black with the Unknown Pleasures Graphics engraved into the cardboard.  Opened what appeared to be a 2 inch thick, LP Sized box and found another padding area with the same design engraved into the polyfoam.  Lifted it up and there it was.  A leather case with the same engravings.  A black 80gb Zune.  It was solid black, almost reminicent of the 30gb, lighter with a sticker on the glass warning of unsuitable content for minors.  To the side were the obligatory usb cable and premium headphones.  Etched into it's polyfoam cradle was a single signature, Peter Saville.  I hesitantly warmed it up.  The Zune start screen began, and then the background, the background that was etched into every single part of the package.  I am charging it now as we speak."

Here are a few images of the limited edition Zune, and the links below will also take you to both unboxings to check out the rest of the images. If anyone comes across any more feel free to leave a comment below.



[zunerama] [engadget]

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Joy Division limited edition Zune still available


While the latest limited edition Zune to become available officially went on sale a few days back on June 17, it seems there are still some available. As we previously mentioned the edition will be limited to a run of 500, each being individually numbered and also coming pre-loaded with the Joy Division Documentary movie.

I honestly did not think it would take all that long to sell out, and am a little surprised to see it still available today. However after some though my concern is that depending on when you began listening to music, and for those who are younger, you may not be all that familiar with just who the Joy Division is.

However, with that said, even as a Joy Division fan, I still find the $399 price tag a little high for my taste, but that black back sure does look sweet with the JD graphic included. While they seem to be going slow, they are only available until they sell 500, so if you are interested you may not want to wait much longer, as far as we know they could already be up to number 499.

Also, in an effort (I would imagine) to cut down on people from buying multiple units to create a demand and then resell them "you are only allowed 1 Joy Division Zune per order"    

[Zune Originals]

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Joy Division themed Limited Edition Zune unveiled


The Joy Division themed Zune has officially made its appearance. The limited edition Zune is being released to mark the DVD release of a documentary about the life of Joy Division, the limited edition model will come in the form of a black Zune 80. Feature-wise it will be your standard 80GB Zune, however it will have the Joy Division movie pre-loaded along with the artwork from the Unknown Pleasures album featured on the back.

The Joy Division themed Zune will be available only through Zune Originals and sell for $399 beginning on June 17. It will also be limited to just 500 units, so if you are into Joy Division, then you may want to grab one on the day of release.


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Zune 8GB Price Drop official?? $180??

Buy_zune_8 It would make sense for Microsoft to do such a thing, and it seems like they may have already done so. The Zune 8GB is now at $179.99 at most online retailers, such as Amazon, Circuit City, Best Buy and (which only has the black model for the new price). It's not official yet, but maybe there will soon be an announcement. Hopefully this will allow them to lower the price of the 4GB model also, driving the sales of the Zune to even higher levels.

It would only make sense, and it would help with the competition of the other PMP manufacturers. So go save some money on that flash Zune you may have been looking for, and enjoy some media!


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Canada Selling Refurbished Zunes On Boxing Day

First off, I'd like to wish everyone of our readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and in hope that the Zune news will continue to flow and that you all will continue to use Cliczune as your go-to site. Now onto the days happenings....

While looking through plenty of Boxing-Day flyers (For those who are not aware, Boxing Day is Canada's shopping day after Christmas, kinda like U.S. Black Friday after Thanksgiving) and getting ready to spend, spend, and well, spend money on Wednesday, I saw something that really blew my mind and cught my attention so much, that I just had to post it. One of Canada's leading bargain/refurbished stores from coast-to-coast, XS Cargo, is apparently getting ready to sell many refurbished 30GB Zunes on Boxing Day. I first noticed it when I seen it in their Boxing Week flyer, on Christmas Eve morning, and then later on in the day, noticed it on their website available in White(In-Store only) and in Black colors. They come complete with everything found in the original Zune 30 box, with everything brand new and the Zune refurbished. XS Cargo are retailing the Zunes for $129.99CDN, which is a tad high priced comparing to some American stores, but it still works. So is this just a typo, or miss-hap, like the TigerDirect incident? Or did XS Cargo really buy some stocks of refurbished Zunes for Boxing Day, and is this another sign Zune is making its slow and steady debut in Canada?

Take a look at the site HERE to read more on these Zunes, or if your in Canada, grab your local newspaper and get the XS Cargo flyer and see it in there.

Merry Christmas to All


Cliczune Staff

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