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New Cliczune Logo! Do you like it?


Dear readers, Roman, a Cliczune blogger and the ZunePh writer, worked on an improved version Cliczune's logo.

Even though the logo is in the same vein as the old one, I think it gives a lot more personality to the site. We also kept the sound wave in the logo because it well represents the Zune main features: Music and Wi-Fi. Even more, the sound wave also looks like the RSS wave, which is how a lot of you are reading this blog. Do you like the new logo?

Thanks Roman for the great work.

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Cliczune is going Social! Join the Fun Now!

Write_for_cliczune_2 Hey Folks, A lot is going on in the Zune World these days! With the new Zunes coming our way in a month from now, we're getting many cool new features. I just can't wait for November 13th to sync my Zune wirelessly.  Can you? And with a brand new firmware and software, completely redesigned from scratch, with J Allard specifications and style, the Zune is ready to take off big time. And best of all, since the Zune team is totally in control of their product now, I'm pretty sure that we're going to see updates more frequently from now on. That's cool! No?

But a lot is happening on Cliczune as well! You probably noticed the additions to the Zune team! Cliczune is going "Social". We've selected a team of bloggers to bring you the news about your favourite media player. Please, join me now to give a warm welcome to Steven, Jonas, Landon, Sam and Roman.

But there's still time to join the team! We still have a few openings! If you're a music specialist, we want you on the Cliczune team. We're looking for someone who could highlight the best new music releases and help us to discover new bands and singers. If Zune tricks, tips and hacks are your things, we want to hear from you as well. Don't be shy! Contact us now!

Enjoy Cliczune!

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Hey fellow Zune fans

Hi, I'm a new guest blogger just joining Cliczune. My name is Sam and my Zune tag is Crazysamz. I've never blogged before, so this is a new thing for me. I read many blogs, though, so I know what they are like.

I have been a fan of the Zune for a little bit now, and so this is a great opportunity for me. I hope you guys like my posts, so read my first two, which I will post soon.

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An Introduction...

Greetings!  I've joined the Cliczune team as a Guest Blogger.  My name is Jonas, but my buddies call me the "digital doc."  I've worked on several sites before, and currently write at TechNudge Live: Reviews and Opinions For the Informed where I've played with reviewed all types of computer hardware, and software, as well as offered my views on most aspects of technology.  In an effort to be more involved with the Zune, the plan is to post here on a weekly basis.  Don't expect "I love my Zune" posts; if something is not good, or doesn't work right, I'm only too happy to spare others from an awful experience, and call attention to the problems.  Conversely, when I say something works really well, rest assured that it is awesome.  To start you off, here are my "Thoughts On the New Zune."

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Hello fellow Zuners my name is Steven Smith

Zune_tattoo I have just joined the Cliczune team and weekly I hope to be able to report on how the Zune is doing in my local town of Sioux City, Iowa and any interesting info I might be able to dig up. 

Also, if you don't already know, I am the Zune Tattoo Guy and in the near future I will have 3 more Zune tattoos to show off.  So expect those by the end of the year.

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Releasing the "Zune Pictures Gallery"

Brownzunereview_2Two weeks ago, we introduced the brand new Based on comments we have received so far, you like the site very much and your comments gave us a lot of energy. We're very enthusiast about future developments of the site.

Today, we are adding a new section to the site: The “Zune Picture Gallery”. The gallery will be the place to find pictures of the Zune player and accessories.

You can register and create your own albums of Zune pictures or other pictures you would like to share with the other Cliczune readers.

There is also a category for Zune wallpapers and backgrounds in the gallery. Feel free to send us your favorite wallpapers if you would like us to add them to the gallery. You can also register and add your wallpapers to your own albums!

We would also like to create an album of “Zune owners”. Take a picture of you and your Zune wherever you are and send it to us. We will add it the “Zuners in the world” category.

Enjoy the gallery and send us your comments!

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Introducing Cliczune 2.0

Cliczunelogo_4Today, we are proudly introducing a brand new It’s a 2.0 version improved and expanded from the old version. The new site and image have been made to reflect the professionalism we are committed to and have been designed with the Zune reader in mind. was released only 5 months ago but it’s already the leader in providing news and information to the fast growing Zune player community.

What we are releasing today is only the base of what we are going to develop for in the next few months. Please feel free to send us your comments(info thesymbolat on what you like or don’t like on the site. We are doing this website for you, the readers.

Have a look at some of the different sections we added to the site:

Continue reading "Introducing Cliczune 2.0" »

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Advertise on Cliczune and YulMedia

Cliczunelogo_2ClicZune offers the ideal opportunity to reach the fast growing Zune Digital Media Player community with your message about your products, company, or music. ClicZune is the leading "Zune related site" that delivers original commentary and analysis to its readers on a near-daily basis, along with hands-on product reviews and up to the minute Zune and Digital Media Player news. ClicZune grows more popular each day, and is one of the few places on the Web where advertisers can reach a large and highly-targeted number of Zune users, all of whom are likely potential purchasers of Zune-related peripherals and services.

ClicZune has also been mentioned on Gizmodo, Cnet,, to name a few.

Banner advertising is available in a variety of sizes and locations throughout For more information, contact us at info thesymbolat

ClicZune is a member of the YulMedia blog network. Through the YulMedia blog network you can reach targeted consumer electronic users of many kinds. Portable Media player users, Mobile users and HD DVD and Blu-ray enthusiasts can be reached via the YulMedia blog network.

Contact Stephane Dion at stephane.dion [ the symbol at] for more information on advertising and partnership opportunities on the YulMedia blog network.

For more information about advertising on ClicZune, contact us at info thesymbolat

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About us

Cliczunelogo_3ClicZune is an independent provider of information about Microsoft's Zune players, accessories and related software, published online at Based in Montreal, Quebec, the ClicZune website is owned and operated by YulMedia, and is not affiliated with Microsoft or any manufacturers or providers of Zune-related products.

The site was established in August 2006, just after Microsoft’s announcement confirming the release of Zune player. Originally based only on a blog platform, Cliczune rapidly became a complete resources site dedicated to the Zune player market. 

ClicZune is the leading "Zune site" that delivers original commentary and analysis to its readers on a near-daily basis, along with hands-on product reviews and up to the minute Zune and Digital Media Player news. The site offers independent product reviews and editorial content, tutorials and photo galleries.

We are rapidly becoming the leader for Zune users and information, with an audience that is rapidly expanding with the growth of the Zune platform. Only a few months after its premiere, ClicZune is receiving thousands of pageviews per day. Cliczune users are ranging from casual passers-by to dedicated participants. ClicZune have appeared in leading news and blogs sites like Gizmodo, Cnet, Scifi, and many more.

Cliczune is committed to providing the best Zune and Digital music player coverage for the Zune enthusiast. Our slogan is, “From Zune player to marketplace and beyond”.

StephanedionStephane Dion is the founder and publisher of Cliczune. Stephane is a passionate and long-time music lover and keyboard music player. The Zune and other Digital Music Players, combines his two passions, music and technologies.

Prior to founding ClicZune and YulMedia in 2006, Stephane Dion was Vice-President, Technologies and Operations at CEDROM-SNi, one of the leaders in online news aggregation. Between 1999 and 2006, Stephane developed and maintained the online infrastructure needed to manage the online growth of Internet news information and distribution services. He was responsible for the complete re-engineering of Cedrom-sni’s online platform in 2004 and the implementation of one of the first web 2.0 application in the news aggregation market.

Stephane is an electronic engineering graduate of Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal. Before joining CEDROM-SNi, he co-founded Domoscience, a leading edge company in the development of home automation software and the implementation of telecommunications, multimedia control systems and large home theater systems.

He has also worked as a project manager and director at Spectra Telecom, a company specializing in the deployment of wireless telecommunications networks for major clients such as Look Communications and Microcell Connexions. Stephane has significant international experience in countries like Brazil, Czech Republic and France.

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