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Zune 8GB and Zune 4GB

Zune deals: Get a recertified Zune 8 and Premium Headphone combo for $83.99 from NewEgg

NewEgg is currently offering a nice deal on a recertified Zune 8 and a set of Premium Headphones. That said, the deal, and this is the important part, is only running through the end of the day today (July 31, 2009).

So, now that we know the offer is time sensitive, lets get into what it includes. Well for $83.99 you can get yourself a black recertified Zune 8 and a set of Zune Premium Headphones.

All things considered, this is a pretty nice deal, especially considering the Premium Headphones are included, in reality they are a really nice set.


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Best Buy Canada offering 4GB Zune for free with purchase of a 16GB Zune

Zune_logo_250_2 Best Buy Canada currently has a pretty nice offer going on the Zune -- buy a Zune 16 and get a Zune 4 for free. The Zune 16 is retailing for $179.99 and looks to only be available in black, but that aside it sounds like a pretty sweet deal.

A few items to note is that this offer is valid online only and (at the time of this posting) is showing a quantity remaining of 76. According to the Best Buy details, you simply need to add the black Zune 16 to your cart and the Zune 4 will be added automatically.

Sounds like a good deal to me, pick up a nice Zune for yourself, and get a nice extra for nothing. This would surely convince me to add a Zune to my collection, that is if I lived in Canada.

[Best Buy Canada]

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Zune Holiday Price Cuts

Tis the season... to cut prices!  With the holiday shopping getting underway, and consumers keeping their credit cards in their pockets, Microsoft is sweetening the deals.  While I would argue to hold out for a Zune 120, that price held firm, but the rest of the line dropped in price.  Glad to see that Microsoft is doing what it takes to gain market share.  Will these price cuts get you to part with some dough?

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Canadian Zune Price Cut

782_2 Amidst the upcoming Black Friday sale news, I spotted a deal on the Zune 8 gb.  It appears to be limited to Canada, but with what they had to go through to get the Zune, they deserve a break.  While the 8 gig player is certainly current, and it got the same firmware update earlier this fall, I'm kind of surprised to see the player get a $100 price cut.  This is going on at Future Shop, the big box retailer.  Last year the holiday deals were all on the 30 gig player, but it was already going out of date at the time.  At this fire sale of a price, I wouldn't hesitate to pick one up as a spare.  After all, you don't want your hard drive freezing on your new 120 gig Zune, right?  Don't think about it too long as the sales ends on November 20th.

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Warriors in Pink offer limited edition Zune to support Susan G. Komen for the Cure


Warriors in Pink have just begun offering a customized pink Zune. The limited edition Zune is a 4GB flash model with a pink front and the Warriors in Pink logo on the back side. The one drawback is that the Zune is retailing for $175, but what you get, aside from a nice pink Zune is the feeling of doing something good because the proceeds go towards the Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

[Warriors in Pink]

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Zune Originals adds new artwork, online exclusive colors


In addition to the new software and free Wi-Fi, Zune Originals has also received an little refresh with the introduction of the new Zune hardware. We have already seen the new Zune 120 and Zune 16 hit the retail stores in black, and now Zune Originals has also announced that the Zune 16 will be available in blue, red, pink and green as an online exclusive. Finally, customers will also have the option of choosing some new artwork as Zune Originals has added 14 new designs to give your Zune a little more of a personal feel.


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Microsoft officially lets the new Zune details out

Blue_zune_8_125_2 I suppose this post comes as a little bit of bittersweet news considering we have already seen the details, but that said, Microsoft has chosen to officially unveil the details for the new Zune hardware and software.

So just for a quick recap, the new model of the Zune will be the black 120GB hard drive based model which will retail for $249 along with a 16GB flash based model which will retail for $199. Additionally the Zune 16 will also be available in blue. The Zune 8 will be priced at $149, and Microsoft also plans to lower the prices on some of the older models.

As for the software side, it looks like software version 3 will be available with those features that we mentioned earlier, which include Buy from FM, Device to Cloud, Channels and Games. Currently nothing was mentioned about when the new software will be made available for current Zune owners. Personally although I like the blue Zune 16 and the black backing on the Zune 120 I am more excited by the new software features and hope that will be ready soon.

If nothing else, I guess Amazon can go ahead and add that Zune 120 listing back to their website now.


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Zune 120: The unofficial roll-out continues...or does it?


In addition to the listings over on Frys, another online retailer (Amazon) had ever so briefly list the Zune 120 for sale. Currently I have not seen any confirmed purchases through the Amazon store listing, but they have since removed it from the store, with the URL now going to a big'ol 404.

With just one day before Microsoft is expected to officially make the announcements, it seems Amazon has had a change of heart, one can only wonder whether Frys will do the same. Of course it seems that Frys is already in a little deeper with between their multiple leaks and at least one confirmed sale.

Funny thing is that when this listing was available on Amazon, there were eight vendors listed, of which seven was showing the Zune 120 as in-stock and even had expedited shipping available, and strangely the only one of the eight that was showing a "temporarily out of stock" notice was Amazon themselves.

At this point we can only hope the announcements come tomorrow, and put an end to this mess. Anyone interested in the larger capacity Zune, or what about the blue Zune 8, its pretty sharp looking.

[Amazon via Pocketables]

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Frys leaks new Blue Zune 8 along with new features

Blue_zune_8_125 Well, one can only speculate that Frys will either be in some big trouble with Microsoft, or perhaps Microsoft is trying something new to get a little attention and decided to allow them to intentionally leak, and in at least one instance sell the new Zunes to built up some excitement prior to the official release.

Of course the model that we saw sold, and later unboxed was the Zune 120, however the latest Frys leaks comes in the form of that rumored Zune 8 in Blue along with some previously unannounced new features. At least we can confirm that the Blue Zune rumor was indeed accurate, and furthermore its retailing for the $149.99 that we expected.

But perhaps a little more exciting than the Zune 8 in Blue, which personally I am digging the color is the newly listed features that it will come along with. Some of the leaked features include:


  • Buy from FM which allows you to mark a song that you hear on the regular radio for later purchase.
  • Device to Cloud which lets you use wireless hotspots to "update your collection, browse Zune Marketplace, refresh Channels, exchange favorites with friends, or buy songs you've tagged from your FM radio."
  • Channels which allows you to create "custom programming stations that deliver personalized playlists to your Zune from a variety of sources."
  • Games which seems to have come out of beta and become official. So far they have listed Texas Hold'em, Hexic as pre-loaded titles.

Now its seems we are just waiting for Microsoft to make this all 'official' but judging from what we have already seen I am not sure what else they could have in store for us.

[Frys] via Zunerama


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Get a 30% Discount on Zune Skins from SkinIt


Are you tired of the color of your Zune? Do you want to express your personality and give your Zune a basic scratch protection?

Well, if this is your case, you might want to take advantage of the back-to-school 30% discount from SkinIt. Buy online at and use the code ZUNESUMMER at checkout. Simple as that.

SkinIt skins come in a vast selection of artwork. They have all sorts of skins,  including professional sports, colleges and college sports, fraternities and sororities, comics, entertainment, fashion, popular art, and more. These skins are made with 3M vinyl and won’t damage your Zune. You can also create your own design.

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